This Dog Sees A Hammock Hanging Across The Room. What He Does? Brilliant!

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With all this snow surrounding me, it’s a bit difficult to think about the warm breezes of spring and summer blowing through my hair, but I’m trying my best. I can’t wait until the snow is gone and I can head out to the backyard with a good book and relax in the hammock.

According to Wikipedia, the use of hammocks dates all the way back to the Native Americans in the 1600s. It’s unsurprising that, in the past few centuries, the design of this ultimate relaxation device hasn’t changed much at all. It works perfectly the way it is and, once you figure out how to get into one without falling out, the hammock is one of the most comfortable ways to catch a few Zs while enjoying the weather outside.

If you ask the cute pooch in the below video, he would surely agree. As he wanders into a room, he sees a green sling hanging across it. The black dog starts to sniff and push his nose into the sling, realizing that it’s actually a hammock.

Now, this dog clearly needs a good ciesta, so he does what any super chill dog would do: He climbs into the hammock like he’s a pro and curls up for a quick nap, even dropping his chin onto the side of the thing for some added leverage.

It’s adorable, but it’s also a great testament to just how clever some dogs are. This guy looks like he’s done this a hundred times before. He’s just so smooth!

Way to go, pooch. Enjoy your nap.

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