This Cat Shows Off Her Many Talents. But What She’s BEST At? I’m SPEECHLESS

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Didja is one of the most talented cats out there in the world today. She has garnered a huge following of over 92,000 YouTube subscribers, and several of her videos have surpassed the million-view mark. The young cat can already do incredible tricks: she can use a human toilet, she can sit, she can roll over, she’s comfortable on a leash, and her newest learned talent is probably the craziest — she can now skateboard!

Didja’s loving owner and trainer Robert Dollwet has specialized in training animals for the past 30 years, and Didja is certainly his most amazing masterpiece.

In this newest video of Didja, we can see her doing some crazy tricks. She ollies, she goes uphill and downhill, and she even jumps off the board to jump over an obstacle while the skateboard is in motion!

While there are a few clever editing tricks used in the video, Didja is still clearly a very impressive cat — she certainly has more balance than I do on one of those things!

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