This Blind Baby Was Found Alone On A Beach. But What They Taught Him? INCREDIBLE!

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It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to hurt an innocent baby seal, but this is the sad reality for these adorable, lovable ocean animals.

This is exactly why my heart broke when I heard about Bryce, a seal pup found off the coast of Howard, AK. When the tiny harbor seal was reported to the Alaska SeaLife Center, he was scared and alone. While no baby animal should go through this horror, Bryce was especially brave, as it was determined by veterinarians that the pup was blind.

Bryce’s rescuers realized he went blind from a strike to the head when he was just a newborn. Now, Bryce is about eight months old and learning to understand the world and work with his handlers through his sense of sound.

Once Bryce is strong enough, he will be placed in a permanent home with full-time care for his special needs.

Even though this poor baby had a rough start in life, it’s so amazing to see how far this survivor has come!

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