This Ballerina Wowed The Audience With Her Grace, But At 1:48 She Does the UNTHINKABLE…

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Sarah Pippin is a mere 13 years old. After you watch this video, I’m sure you’ll be wondering how someone whose only been on Earth for such a brief time moves like such an experienced pro.

The dancing pair Duo Osmose has got some incredible moves and choreography — but they’re adults. Even the women of 2010 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships, while they appear tiny, are adults. I’d like to know how much training goes into a pre-teen’s life for her to be able to move like this. How does greatness like this come to fruition? Is it mostly natural ability? Is it waking up at the crack of dawn before school? We many not have the answers, but I am glad such greatness exists, because watching Sarah’s performance definitely brought me a lot of joy today.

During the 2011 New York City Dance Alliance National Junior Gala, Sarah wowed the judges with her amazing routine, called the “Blackhawk Waltz,” which was choreographed by Travis Hall. With this winning routine, Sarah walked away with the award for “Female Outstanding Dancer” — and I can totally see why.

It’s hard to talk about what makes this routine incredible without totally giving it away, but what happens at 1:48 is so unexpected. Sarah moves so gracefully and precisely that you’d think you were watching regular old ballet, but then it happens and I basically wanted to give Sarah a standing ovation from my computer desk right then and there.

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