They Wanted Their Wedding To Be Memorable, But No One Expected THIS To Happen!!

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Even though every wedding is special in its own way, the basics of most weddings are exactly the same. There is usually a ceremony, followed by dinner, speeches, and drinks. Then to begin the dancing, the bride and groom choose a heartfelt song that symbolizes their love and partake in a romantic dance. However, this couple decided that sticking to the norm was no fun, and they wanted to spice things up!

Trent Brookshier and his bride, Annalisa are definitely not a boring couple! As soon as their wedding dance is announced, the pair come out dancing wildly to the classic “Footloose” (although the version they chose was recorded by Blake Shelton). I can’t imagine the surprise all of their guests felt! I would love to watch this happen live at a wedding!

It’s too bad I can only watch this video from my computer and can’t see Trent and Annalisa bust a move in real life! Either way you spin it, though, I have a feeling these two are looking at a happy marriage!

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