They Introduced Their Big Dog To A Tiny Pig — This Is So Cute, I Can’t Stand It!

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Everybody loves cute baby animals, but they become all the cuter when they’re miniature. (Don’t even get me started on Pedro, the tiny pony.) The next video is guaranteed to brighten your day and make you squeal with joy!

Meet Truffles. This adorable micropig was rescued and adopted into a loving forever home. Once he realizes he’s home and getting a second chance at life, this little guy shows complete joy and compassion from being rescued.

Now in a safe haven, Truffles is so excited. The tiny pig runs around the house, making his owners laugh out loud. You can hear his little hooves tap against the floor as he romps around.

He even has a few new friends: the family’s cat and dog. They aren’t exactly sure what to make of the tiny piglet, but he doesn’t have a care in the world. Letting a piggy loose in your home might not seem like the best idea, but this adorable little guy might be an exception to the rule.

This little cutie-pie’s playing proves just how happy he is to finally be safe. We dare you to get through this video without giggling.

Enjoy! And please SHARE this tiny micropig with everyone you know.

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