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  • She Puts Her Toddler Between 2 Massive Dogs, Now Watch The Dog On The Left… OMG!

    She Puts Her Toddler Between 2 Massive Dogs, Now Watch The Dog On The Left… OMG!


    Some kids are just born to be dog people, and it seems like this adorable little toddler named Isabelle is one of them. Her best pals are two giant Newfoundland dogs, Bear and Bella, that together weigh a total of 270 lbs. Some parents might be hesitant to let their young children around these two massive animals that could practically swallow them whole, but I don’t think Isabelle’s parents have anything to worry about. Bear and Bella seem to have the patience of saints…and it looks like they even like having the little human around!

    It may surprise some people, but big dogs are usually much more docile than smaller dogs. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happens when this tiny Chihuahua goes after a huge pit bull! Of course, any parent should exercise caution when introducing a young child to a pet; kids don’t know any better when it comes to pulling fur, or, in Isabelle’s case, using a dog’s front legs as a comfy chair! Luckily, Bear and Bella are the perfect canine babysitters. The last time I saw a dog with this much tolerance was when this particular pooch wasn’t even fazed when a tiny bird started pulling out his fur! It’s great to know that Isabelle is going to grow up with two very loyal (and very fluffy) companions by her side.

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