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  • InCruises Pre-launch Review – Is It Worth Investing?

    InCruises Pre-launch Review – Is It Worth Investing?

    InCruises Pre-launch Review: Is It Worth Investing? Do you have a passion for travel? Do you dream of cruising and seeing the world over the next years? If so, this article will walk you through a new product and program that could just be the answer to help you realize your goals. In this review, you will learn whether or not this product is worth spending your hard earned money.
    What is inCruises?
    InCruises is a cruise membership product and a business opportunity. It aims to help its members and partners enjoy travelling via cruishing by making the cost more affordable and, also creating a profitable business out of it. Its founder and CEO, Mr. Michael “Hutch” Hutchison, commenced the pre-launch last December 15, 2015. InCruises will officially open to the public on January 16, 2016.
    InCruises’ Exclusive Membership Program
    The Membership Program costs $100 every month. In exchange for the monthly payment, inCruises will give each member 200 Cruise Dollars per month. It’s two Cruise Dollars for every buck. By the end of 12 months when you have paid $1200, inCruises will give you 2400 Cruise Dollars.
    You could use Cruise Dollars to pay for the cruise in full or to reduce the price. Cruise dollars never expire. They accumulate, as long as you remain an active member. InCruises promises that the price published on their website is guaranteed to be on par with the lowest available cruise prices on the marketplace or on the internet.
    They are working with World Travel Holdings and prices are guaranteed with a 110% Best Price Guarantee. According to inCruises, what makes their offer unbeatable is the low price made available by using Cruise Dollars to pay for a cruise.
    What Cruises are Available?
    Specific offers are called Dream Cruises and Global Destinations. Dream Cruises are exclusive and they have 6-8 offers scheduled in 2016. It is planned to grow as the membership base grows. What makes Dream Cruises valuable, which Hutch calls the most viable offer that they have, is that you’re able to use 100% of your Cruise Dollars to pay for your cruise in full.
    For instance, inCruises offers a cruise for 1500 USD. You could pay for it using your accumulated Cruise Dollars. If you paid your membership in one year, you would have accumulated 2400 Cruise Dollars. If you apply for that 1500 cruise, you will still have 900 Cruise Dollars left in your membership account.
    As for Global Destinations, they make all cruise available through various cruise lines also offered on their website. So if you’re looking for Disney Cruises, surely, you’ll find it there. The site will include the entire inventory of all the cruise that there is. This is made possible through World Travel Holdings’ buying power.
    What is the risk of joining InCruises’ Exclusive Membership Program?
    If you as a member don’t use the Cruise Dollars to travel, then it’s not going to be valuable for you. You shouldn’t join if you don’t have intentions of traveling and seeing the world, or visiting multiple ports and destinations.
    InCruise’s Business Opportunity
    A business partner invests $195 as a one time activation fee. It’s renewable on annual basis. In exchange, marketing tools will be made available to him.
    InCruises offers a generous compensation plan which they report to be based after million dollar compensation plans. Its success is on the compounding residual income. As an MLM business, each partner receives commission from each member they sign-up and from each new partners they recruit under their leadership.
    There’s a generous line of bonuses according to the number of referrals. Mr. Hutchison announced that the official compensation disclosure document will be released soon. InCruises is giving away an inaugural Dream Cruise starting in May 2016 to motivate partners.
    What is the risk of joining InCruises’ Business Opportunity?
    Like any other MLM business, if you don’t take any effort of finding new partners, this won’t work for you. You will need to implement a system where you can continuously have more opportunities to invite potential partners. And work through there until they join and become part of your organization.
    Should You Join?
    You have the option to join as a member or a business partner or both. If you love travelling, it will be easy for you to share this product. Remember, you can travel with the biggest discount there is with inCruises. If you’re hungry for a genuine business and company that you can trust, then this might be the opportunity you’re looking for. Travel and cruise industries are proven moneymakers. With the right company, your success is inevitable.
    Consider your options. Investigate well the opportunity and the people behind it. You may be surprised with the quality you can find in inCruises. Give it a try, it’s all worth it.

  • A Pragmatic Review of inCruises

    A Pragmatic Review of inCruises


    A Pragmatic Review of inCruises
    If you are reading this article you must have heard of incruises, the secretive start-up with which aims to revolutionize the cruising industry. According to the video I watched, it allows you to earn money while traveling around the world. It will make you rich. Now if you’re a pragmatist like me your alarm bells are probably ringing by now. My knee jerk reaction was since it’s extremely vague on details, it must be a scam, but researching about it more I found out that not only is it REAL, it’s actually a VIABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. So behind the veil of secrecy, what is it really? This review aims to clarify what Incruises is.

    The Person Behind
    Now before I start what Incruises is, let’s check who’s behind the enterprise. A good litmus test to see if something is a scam or not is to check the people behind it. Incruises is founded by Michael Hutchison, you can see his LinkedIn account here( and his website( His personal history and achievements are incredible. Now ask yourself this, would a successful public speaker that actually focuses on CREDIBILITY in business, risk his career by launching a scam? As such we can declare that Incruises is not a scam.

    What It Really Is
    So what really is it? Incruises is an invite only membership club that focuses in cruise tours. Members pay a monthly membership fee ($100 a month) and in exchange, they get access to discounted cruise tours. This membership fee isn’t wasted, it gets turned into “Cruise Bucks”, the currency you use to pay for cruises within the system. Your membership fee is turned into Cruise Bucks at a rate of 2 Cruise Bucks for every dollar, so you get 200 Cruise Bucks per month. Think of it as costco for cruises combined with your average MLM networking scheme.

    Now, doubling people’s money doesn’t look like a viable business model, but here comes Incruises brilliant strategy. You see they have two types of Cruising packages: Global Destinations and Dream Cruises. Global Destinations are your standard cruises you can buy from travel agencies and the like. When you book a Global Destination cruise, there’s a caveat, you are only allowed to use 50% of your Cruise Bucks. So you’re back paying $1 for $1. At this point you might ask as to the point of it. Well what incruises is about are the Dream Cruises.

    Dream Cruises are special cruise deals exclusive for inCruises members. With Dream Cruises you are allowed to use 100% of your Cruise Bucks to pay for it. Now how is it viable, how are they getting deals? The answer is the power of group buy. Group buying is a tried and true strategy, used by groupon and other startups like the dollar shave club. By leveraging their members’ collective buying power, group buying clubs can negotiate lower prices from manufactures. This is the same strategy inCruises use to get better deals for Dream Cruises.

    Closing Thoughts
    As you can see the guy running the company is reliable, and the business is sound. However, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t plan of going to cruises or don’t know anyone that’s interested in cruises, you are better off not joining. If, however, you are interested in cruises, and you know people that are interested in cruises, there is no reason to not join the program. Heck, If you join now and recruit them immediately, you will find that their membership fees will pay for your own cruise and membership fees.

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  • inCruises Luxury Travel Cruises Business Review

    inCruises Luxury Travel Cruises Business Review


    inCruises Luxury Travel Cruises Business Review

    Have you ever dreamed of sailing the seven seas in pure luxury cruises under the sun and stars? Founder of
    inCruises Michael Hutch has brought this experience to you by making luxury travel cruises accessible via his
    new membership cruising club, the first luxury cruising membership program in the world. Michael Hutch, the
    founder and CEO has an extensive business cv, having worked as the VP of International Sales and
    Marketing of the Tony Robbins company for seven years. Using his leadership and business acumen. he now
    brings you the world of luxury cruising In an accessible and cost effective format through inCruises, a luxury
    travel and tourism experience accessible to everyone via his membership program. If you are interested in
    travelling to Hawaii, Alaska, Spain, Rome and the Greek lsles by luxury cruising charters, and if you have
    previously been limited by time and money to participate in these adventures and relaxation trips, this
    program ls for you. Michael brings together high level travel executives and travel Industry lnsiders to create
    InCruises, an exclusive membership program that allows you to cruise at times for free, and at times paid at
    reasonable costs to go on five star luxury boats to the most world’s most beautiful places. By participating in
    their members program, members can earn a passive income while travelling these cruises by promoting his
    program as a part of your travel.This is a once in a lifetime launch opportunity for his business that you, your
    spouse, or family can be a part of As a result, incruises is prepared to reward members handsomely. By
    spreading the word about inCruises in their launch phases, members Will be able to benefit in multiple ways.
    Members will be able to benefit from the companies anticipated growth, and members Will be able to earn
    free cruises. Members are asked to participate by invitation only and are not obligated to put any money Into
    this launch In their lnitial referral program By enrolling as an inCruises partner, this launch and pre-launch
    program allows you to get a membership for lust 100$ per month Members then enjoy exclusive luxury
    cruises for matched prices With the lowest available published price of a cruise online. Cruise bucks can also
    be earned by member promotions where for each 1$ of their membership, 255 of Cruises Bucks are earned that
    goes straight back into their cruise bookings In terms of availability, members can choose form over a
    thousand cruises all around the world Overall, inCruises provides you With an extensive and exclusive list of
    discount travel cruises just by being a member on their website. It also provides you with a method of earning
    through network marketing/promotions as you enjoy your vacation. First time users of this pre-launch phase
    and launch phase membership opportunity have reported reliability in their bookings, Within 48 hours, and
    testimonials are saying. “Not only are you getting a discounted deal, but you are also getting the best
    discount available plus some money back through their Cruise Bucks program”.

  • inCruises Exclusive Travel Membership Program in Pre-launch

    inCruises Exclusive Travel Membership Program in Pre-launch


    inCruises Exclusive Travel Membership Program in Pre-launch

    Before joining a company that offers you a business opportunity, it’s very Important that you do your research
    first As you should already know by now, there are many companies out there that offer bogus business
    opportunities One of the best ways to determine if a company is legit is to read tons of reviews about it and
    its products or services This brings us to lnCruises, a company that’ scheduled to have Its pre-Iaunch on
    January 16, 2016 The big question is this Is inCruises a Viable business opportunity? Well, we have
    gathered Information about the company so that we can write this inCruises review as accurately as possible.
    We hope that this review Will help you in deciding if lnCruises is the right opportunity for you.
    What Is inCruises And What Does It Do?
    In the simplest of terms, inCruises is an exclusive membership travel club It focuses on luxury cruises and
    vacations that take members to various corners of the globe. With that said, if you are a person who
    constantly travel, then this club is the perfect organization for you The great thing about lnCruises is that
    members earn what’s called Cruise Dollars for every dollar they pay for their membership fees. Members can
    then redeem and use these Cruise Dollars to avail of luxurious cruises and travel plans at a fraction of their
    original costs. In a nutshell, lnCruises provides avid travelers the chance to get their hands on affordable
    luxury cruises as well as connect with other travelers from all over the globe.
    How Can You Join The InCruises Business Opportunity?
    Aside from being a member in the company’s exclusive travel club, you can also enroll in their compensation
    plan. The good thing about this plan is that you can still enroll In it even if you are not a member in the
    exclusive travel club. To enroll in the plan, you are going to pay $195 which you can renew every year for only
    $95. It’s a really inexpensive way to run your own business from home. Your investment is very low but the
    rewards can be limitless. The only costs you are going to pay is the one-time enrollment fee and the
    succeeding annual fees. The compensation plan is currently being finalized by the company’s legal team to
    hake sure that it’s 100% ready when it’s launched on January 16, 2016
    Here’s an overview of the compensation plan:
    1) You get a nice bonus every time someone you invited becomes a member
    2) You Will be paid a coaching bonus as a reward for building a productive team
    3) Bonuses between $500 and $30,000 Will be given to leaders at the end of every month based on their
    rankings Top income earners will be rewarded With awards like free travel packages and luxury cars
    5) There’s what’s called a World Market bonus that will be available to top team builders This bonus can pay
    up to 5% of sales.
    5) There’s a residual income compensation plan that enables members to generate monthly revenues.
    Conclusion. When everything has been said and done, incruises is a company that offers a legit and sustainable business
    opportunity. You can either register as a member to avail of affordable cruise packages or you can enroll in
    the company’s compensation plan to earn money. We hope that this inCruises review helped you in deciding If
    the business opportunity is right for you.

  • inCruises Pre-launch Phase Review – New Travel MLM Business Opportunity

    inCruises Pre-launch Phase Review – New Travel MLM Business Opportunity


    inCruises Pre-launch Phase Review – New Travel MLM Business Opportunity

    InCruises is a company that offers discounts on cruise ship travels and giving its members an opportunity to
    have money. The company CEO Michael Hutchison has announced that its services Will be launched on 16
    January 2016 On the surface it may look like another Internet scam but With thousands of them online who
    can blame you for thinking that way If you are looking to save money using InCruises its advisable that even
    after reading this review you should conduct your own research and come up with your own conclusion as to
    whether this is the opportunity for you
    Product Overview
    What InCruIses is basically offering is an opportunity to save money by joining their cruise membership club
    and getting discounts when you take cruise ship According to the company website , their mission is to
    revolutionize and change the manner in which people plan, save and pay for their vacations The first step in
    making the savings is to register With the company via their official website and this can only be done only
    through invites. no random people can Just register. Once registered after pre-launch a membership fee of $100 has to be paid
    monthly in order to get discounts when you travel and the amount of discount you Will be rewarded depends on the cumulative amount you have paid in membership The discount system works like this, when you pay
    5100 in monthly fee this amount becomes $200 in what the company calls the “cruisebucks” These cruise
    bucks are then used to book the cruises you want and there are two packages
    1. Dream cruises
    In this package the company looks for cruises offering the best deals and books them for you. All your cruise
    bucks can be used in the payment meaning that you only pay half the price of that cruise travel In case you
    find the same ticket elsewhere but cheaper, if you can provide proof within 48 hours they will give you back
    110% of the difference where else can you get a better deal?
    2. Global destinations
    Here members choose from thousands of cruises worIdwide by booking through the inCruises website but
    only half of the cruise bucks are used to discount for the cruise payment This may look like a downside to it
    because after calculations you will find that it has a one to one return unlike the dream cruises but you should however remember that the price is already the lowest available in the market and there is still the 110% price
    guarantee. The upside
    Using InCruises can be especially helpful for people who go on cruises every year as it offers a chance to
    save $100 towards a cruise travel. For these kind of people and also for anyone who plans to travel on a
    cruise ship there is nothing to lose in joining this club and save as it is already a product they will purchase
    anyway at a higher price
    The downside
    The negative side is that this product can only be marketed to people who go on cruises and therefore locks
    out many people who do not or will never be on a cruise ship.
    Conclusion is a product worth trying and would personally urge all ocean lovers to try it out.