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  • He Brings A Pit Bull To A Retirement Home. Now Watch The Lonely Man’s Reaction…

    He Brings A Pit Bull To A Retirement Home. Now Watch The Lonely Man’s Reaction…


    Pit Boss star Shorty Rossi developed a love for pit bulls when he was a teenager and has since made it his mission to reshape the way people view the misunderstood breed. In his latest quest, he brought three pit bulls to a retirement home, and the residents were so overjoyed!

    When he arrived at Vista del Sol Care Center, the elderly residents’ faces lit up with excitement and they were eager to greet their four-legged visitors.

    “I like to bring the dogs to retirement homes and hospitals to show another side of pit bulls. Not everyone gets to see pit bulls being happy, passionate, and caring,” Rossi says in the video.

    They bring several residents to the outdoor patio to meet the dogs. The pit bulls perform a few tricks for treats before they get to socialize with everyone. One man gets really excited to pet the dogs and give them a ton of love. It was also sweet to watch one of the gentle dogs interact with a wheelchair-bound couple. The residents say the dogs bring them joy.

    There’s no doubt about it — bringing the pit bulls to the retirement home definitely benefited everybody.

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  • They Were Shocked She Brought A Pig To Class. But THIS Pig? She’s Incredible!

    They Were Shocked She Brought A Pig To Class. But THIS Pig? She’s Incredible!


    “Some pig.” “Terrific.” “Radiant.” “Humble.”

    Those are the words Charlotte the spider writes in her web to describe Wilbur the pig in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, and I think Charlotte might say the same things about Amy the pig in the video below.

    Amy has been taking obedience training classes with a bunch of dogs. No one was sure if it would be possible to train a pig in the same way, but the trainer took the risk.

    Despite being the class’s underdog — underpig, I mean — she has risen to the occasion. Her trainer says that she’s actually one of the best pupils in the class.

    Apparently, when Amy started, the other dogs looked at her like, “What kind of dog are you?” But now, Amy’s teaching these old dogs some new tricks.

    I honestly didn’t know pigs were this smart! I’m not surprised that it’s motivated by food, but whatever works. I mean, getting my dog to learn how to sit was an achievement, let alone completing obstacle courses.

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  • This Dog Sees A Hammock Hanging Across The Room. What He Does? Brilliant!

    This Dog Sees A Hammock Hanging Across The Room. What He Does? Brilliant!


    With all this snow surrounding me, it’s a bit difficult to think about the warm breezes of spring and summer blowing through my hair, but I’m trying my best. I can’t wait until the snow is gone and I can head out to the backyard with a good book and relax in the hammock.

    According to Wikipedia, the use of hammocks dates all the way back to the Native Americans in the 1600s. It’s unsurprising that, in the past few centuries, the design of this ultimate relaxation device hasn’t changed much at all. It works perfectly the way it is and, once you figure out how to get into one without falling out, the hammock is one of the most comfortable ways to catch a few Zs while enjoying the weather outside.

    If you ask the cute pooch in the below video, he would surely agree. As he wanders into a room, he sees a green sling hanging across it. The black dog starts to sniff and push his nose into the sling, realizing that it’s actually a hammock.

    Now, this dog clearly needs a good ciesta, so he does what any super chill dog would do: He climbs into the hammock like he’s a pro and curls up for a quick nap, even dropping his chin onto the side of the thing for some added leverage.

    It’s adorable, but it’s also a great testament to just how clever some dogs are. This guy looks like he’s done this a hundred times before. He’s just so smooth!

    Way to go, pooch. Enjoy your nap.

  • She Sticks Out Her Tongue For The Camera. What Her Boxer Does Next Will Have You In Stitches!

    She Sticks Out Her Tongue For The Camera. What Her Boxer Does Next Will Have You In Stitches!


    If you believe in the credo “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then the woman in this next video should be extremely flattered.

    With her adorable boxer by her side, the woman looks ahead at the camera and quickly sticks out her tongue before it retracts into her mouth. Surprisingly, the boxer decides to do the exact same thing.

    Is this just a fluke, or is her boxer actually imitating her?

    So the woman decides to stick out her tongue again. The boxer does the exact same thing.

    Again? Same response! It’s amazing.

    At one point, in utter disbelief, she actually turns to the side, laughs, and mumbles, “What are you doing?” to her pooch. Ha!

    Back to sticking out her tongue, the dog continues to repeat her every movement. It’s totally adorable and really funny.

    Now, I have to assume she has the front-facing camera on so that she and the dog can see themselves (like a mirror) so the dog knows exactly what she’s doing, but this is still pretty astonishing.

    That is one clever doggy, which makes for a very fun video.

  • She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!

    She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!


    Despite the old adage of “fighting like cats and dogs,” many dogs learn to live peacefully with cats. The following video is further proof that inter-species friendships are just the best.

    One family adopted three baby kittens and were a little nervous about introducing them to the older dog, as he’d been the only pet in the house. Well, it’s safe to say, this pup is so happy to have some new pals.

    In the video, their owner found the pets all sleeping on the couch, hilariously lounging on their backs. The kittens followed after the dog and mimicked his pose. How funny! This patient pup is so calm around the new kittens. He lets them snuggle up and stay warm. He barely even moves — looking more like a stuffed animal than a real dog.

    Watching these pets get along melts my heart. I seriously can’t help but smile for the entire two-minute clip. I just want to snuggle and cuddle with these adorable babies. They must all be so grateful for all the fun they’re having in their new home. How precious are these fur balls?!

  • Dogs Taught To Pray

    Dogs Taught To Pray


    With closed eyes and folded paws, these sweet dogs are so happy to pray for their good meals. Isn’t it adorable how they just can’t wait for an “amen” to begin their meals? God bless our sweet and wonderful pets who make us smile each and every day!

  • Adorable Dog Watches Over His Little Human Who Doesn’t Feel Well

    Adorable Dog Watches Over His Little Human Who Doesn’t Feel Well


    Momma was home with her sweet baby boy, Carter, because he was feeling sick. She stepped out of the room for just a minute. But when she came back THIS is what she found. It’s impossible to prepare yourself for this much cuteness overload–way to watch over your human, Toby!

  • Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl – It’s A Miracle – 4365

    Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl – It’s A Miracle – 4365


    This beautiful Lab was going to be put down until Annette and Steve rescued him. They sensed there was something very special about him, but could never have guessed the series of events that would take place. They discovered he was blind, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a hero that has everyone amazed. God works in wonderful ways!

  • Baily Beagle “Plays Dead” On National TV

    Baily Beagle “Plays Dead” On National TV


    Bailey the beagle takes the old trick “Play Dead” to a new hilarious level. Her owner says she has a mind of her own, and maybe that’s how she added her own little touch to her trick. Appearing on national television, she had David Letterman and the entire audience in laughter with her acting skills. What a fun little dog!

  • He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!

    He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!


    People sometimes make assumptions about pets (and animals in general) that aren’t exactly true. For years, you’ve surely heard that dogs and cats just do not get along. Are there instances where this is true? Absolutely. But, more often than not, dogs and cats can be best of friends. It’s really about the particular pet’s personality and their environment that makes or breaks this combination.

    Take, for instance, this video by YouTuber Francisco Xavier Orozco. His one-year-old pit bull mix is clearly his pride and joy. She gets to lay on the bed and he obviously loves her to pieces.

    In April, Orozco happened to find an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring home the tiny kitty to try to raise her on his own. So, what does Francisco do when faced with having to bring a newborn kitten into the same home as his one-year-old puppy? He gives them a formal introduction, of course.

    In the video, you’ll see as Francisco carries the diminutive cat in his hands and slowly shows her to Molly. At first, the pooch is slightly confused, wondering what that tiny, moving object in her human’s hands is. But, within a matter of seconds, Molly is excited, wagging her tail, and trying to play with the little kitty.

    Before long, we even get to see Molly cuddling with the kitten, licking it, and basically becoming its surrogate mother. How absolutely adorable!

    Not only is this video incredibly heartwarming, but it also shows the true heart of animals to love and care for each other, regardless of the boundaries that we humans often think exists between them.

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  • Looks Like A Normal Dumpster—But What She Found Inside? Shocking

    Looks Like A Normal Dumpster—But What She Found Inside? Shocking


    According to the Humane Society, dogs are the most common victims of animal cruelty in media-reported animal cruelty cases. One young, unsuspecting couple learned this firsthand when they made a shocking discovery.

    One night, Chelsea and her husband tossed out their trash at the dumpster outside their apartment complex, when they heard a noise coming from inside a trash bag in the dumpster. What they found made my jaw drop and broke my heart.

    There was a tiny newborn puppy, just days old and without sight. She was trapped at the bottom of the dumpster and covered with food, beer bottles and junk. Just imagining this helpless baby brings tears to my eyes.

    Chelsea became a hero and a pet parent that night. She took the puppy to three different vets and they all confirmed that despite her nightmare, she was healthy. “We’re in love with her. We can’t get rid of her, especially after taking care of her.”

    But, she still wants the person responsible for throwing this puppy away to pay. “I’m just hoping that they get caught. I don’t want them to do it again and somebody just not notice it and a puppy just lay in there and die,” said Chelsea.

    Thank God Chelsea and her husband were at the right place at the right time, and did what they did. This little pup is precious, and I’m so glad she gets her second chance at life. If you agree, please SHARE this video on Facebook.

  • When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!

    When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!


    It may be hard to imagine why a dog would be absolutely terrified of a cat. Sure, all dogs are different, but most dogs are much bigger than your average kitty and could probably do way more damage. Nonetheless, these scaredy-dogs do not want to risk getting cat-slapped!

    PetFinder shared this hilarious video compilation called “You Shall Not Pass, Dog,” in which some very mean cats prevent some very cowardly dogs from climbing the stairs, walking through the kitchen, and generally going anywhere the cat does not wish them to go. The cats give the hounds some serious death stares and, despite some gentle encouragement from their pet parents, the dogs just won’t budge. Some even whimper pathetically in the face of their kitty foes.

    It all reminds me a bit of that old belief that elephants are afraid of mice (which, by the way, is totally exaggerated). Then again, cats can be freaky sometimes.

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  • She Let A Baby Tiger Approach Her Dog…But Never Expected THIS!

    She Let A Baby Tiger Approach Her Dog…But Never Expected THIS!


    Now this is puppy love. Three-month-old tiger Hunter was born at The Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa and quickly made an unusual friendship with a puppy. This inseparable duo will melt your heart and put the biggest smile on your face.

    Hunter was rejected by his mother at birth. Fortunately, the baby tiger cub didn’t stay lonely for long. He quickly bonded with Chelsea the German pointer puppy, who belongs to one of the zoologists of the wildlife sanctuary.

    These unlikely best friends take walks together every day. The pals even play fight, wrestle, and stalk one another through the grass. Their bond is truly incredible. Although this video might not be for the faint of heart, you can tell the puppy loves to roughhouse with the tiger. It’s important to note that the zookeepers are always keeping a watchful eye on the pair, even though these two companions just love playtime together.

    Unfortunately, when Hunter reaches six months, the two will be separated for Chelsea’s safety. For now, however, the pals are having the time of their lives, playing and bonding!

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  • 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

    2015 Super Bowl Commercial


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  • She’s Furious At Her Husband…But The Reason? HILARIOUS!

    She’s Furious At Her Husband…But The Reason? HILARIOUS!


    We’ve seen many commercials featuring dogs and their adorable families, and this one is definitely my new favorite.

    Subaru is known for their wonderful ads featuring the “Barkley” family, and this one dubbed “In The Doghouse” just may be the most realistic of all. I won’t give it all away, but I will say that when a gorgeous standard poodle suddenly catches Dad’s eye, Mom is not pleased and the outcome is hilarious…

    …Which brings up two solid points. 1) If only all fights between spouses were this adorable. And 2) This should be a lesson to all men… LOL!

    I have a poodle myself, so I loved this commercial right away. The best part has to be the “wife” giving her husband the death stare. Just like humans, right?! Since half of all Subaru owners are dog owners, it only makes sense that this car company appeals to a pet-friendly audience.

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