She Walks Out In A Mask. When She Takes It Off… I Didn’t Know This Was Possible!

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I didn’t even know people’s torsos could move like that!

Belly dancing is a beautiful art that originated in the Middle East and has been practiced around the world for hundreds of years. It requires extreme control and strength in your torso, and becoming truly great at it takes years of hard work. Spanish dancer Sara Guirado has certainly thrown her heart into becoming an amazing performer, and when you see her move, you’ll agree that it was worth it.

We’ve featured similar dancers before, such as this woman who performs her routine with her dog. But belly dancers like Sara are a very rare find indeed. Each movement is performed with incredible precision and finesse. She’s been dancing since she was very young, just like this ridiculously talented little girl, and now she owns her own school in Valencia. Although she makes it look so easy, her art is anything but simple. Pulling off such exact movements requires incredible core strength, and being able to move one half of your torso while the other half remains completely still is nearly impossible if you haven’t been trained to do it. Go ahead and try it if you don’t believe me!

If you ever want to get a great workout while learning a super-sexy dance, check out local belly dance schools near you. It’s becoming more and more popular every year, and academies are popping up everywhere. If you really want to learn from a master, though, you might want to start thinking about booking a trip to Spain.

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