She Starts Filming Her Puppy On The Dock, But What She Captured Is PRICELESS!

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If there’s one thing pet owners love to do, it’s record cute, funny, and completely priceless videos of their little loved ones. While I have to admit that some pet videos are way more entertaining than others, videos that feature tiny puppies like these little guys get me every time!

However, of all the precious puppy videos I’ve seen, I can’t remember any cutie-pie who has stuck with me like Boomer, the golden retriever in this next video. The American Kennel Club recently named goldens the third most popular dog breed in the United States…and it’s no wonder why!

Besides being super cute, friendly and good with little kids, golden retrievers act like puppies for the first two years and remain playful for most of their lives! While little sweetheart Boomer is still just a tiny pup, you can see in the video that he’s already been on so many fun adventures.

From a pretty awesome-looking boat trip, to a day at the beach and just hanging out by the dock, little Boomer is already having the time of his life at just a few weeks old. Doesn’t this make you wish they could stay this small forever?

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