She Expected A Normal Childbirth, But When She Saw Her Newborn, I Cried

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It can also be painful, difficult, and frustrating, especially when huge life moments take place and the most significant people can’t be there for them. With that in mind, Samsung Australia decided to help two people in love come together in a completely new way to let them share one of life’s most profound moments — the birth of their third child.

Using Samsung Gear VR, you’re about to witness the world’s first live virtual-reality birth. Mom is in Perth, Australia and Dad is thousands of miles away working in the Air Force. The couple was, of course, depressed and heartbroken by the distance between them — but for the first time, this technology is available to bring people closer than ever before, and so they were able to experience the birth of their child together. Watch to see how the process unfolds. It’s as if Dad’s right there in the delivery room with his wife and newborn baby.

Samsung is currently on a roll with their emotional ads, each of which tells a real-life story and tugs at our heartstrings in the process. The last time we saw a commercial from Samsung, it was to promote their new video call center for people with hearing disabilities, in which Samsung Turkey captured a tear-jerking moment for a young man who suffers from hearing loss.

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