InCruises Pre-launch Review – Is It Worth Investing?

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InCruises Pre-launch Review: Is It Worth Investing? Do you have a passion for travel? Do you dream of cruising and seeing the world over the next years? If so, this article will walk you through a new product and program that could just be the answer to help you realize your goals. In this review, you will learn whether or not this product is worth spending your hard earned money.
What is inCruises?
InCruises is a cruise membership product and a business opportunity. It aims to help its members and partners enjoy travelling via cruishing by making the cost more affordable and, also creating a profitable business out of it. Its founder and CEO, Mr. Michael “Hutch” Hutchison, commenced the pre-launch last December 15, 2015. InCruises will officially open to the public on January 16, 2016.
InCruises’ Exclusive Membership Program
The Membership Program costs $100 every month. In exchange for the monthly payment, inCruises will give each member 200 Cruise Dollars per month. It’s two Cruise Dollars for every buck. By the end of 12 months when you have paid $1200, inCruises will give you 2400 Cruise Dollars.
You could use Cruise Dollars to pay for the cruise in full or to reduce the price. Cruise dollars never expire. They accumulate, as long as you remain an active member. InCruises promises that the price published on their website is guaranteed to be on par with the lowest available cruise prices on the marketplace or on the internet.
They are working with World Travel Holdings and prices are guaranteed with a 110% Best Price Guarantee. According to inCruises, what makes their offer unbeatable is the low price made available by using Cruise Dollars to pay for a cruise.
What Cruises are Available?
Specific offers are called Dream Cruises and Global Destinations. Dream Cruises are exclusive and they have 6-8 offers scheduled in 2016. It is planned to grow as the membership base grows. What makes Dream Cruises valuable, which Hutch calls the most viable offer that they have, is that you’re able to use 100% of your Cruise Dollars to pay for your cruise in full.
For instance, inCruises offers a cruise for 1500 USD. You could pay for it using your accumulated Cruise Dollars. If you paid your membership in one year, you would have accumulated 2400 Cruise Dollars. If you apply for that 1500 cruise, you will still have 900 Cruise Dollars left in your membership account.
As for Global Destinations, they make all cruise available through various cruise lines also offered on their website. So if you’re looking for Disney Cruises, surely, you’ll find it there. The site will include the entire inventory of all the cruise that there is. This is made possible through World Travel Holdings’ buying power.
What is the risk of joining InCruises’ Exclusive Membership Program?
If you as a member don’t use the Cruise Dollars to travel, then it’s not going to be valuable for you. You shouldn’t join if you don’t have intentions of traveling and seeing the world, or visiting multiple ports and destinations.
InCruise’s Business Opportunity
A business partner invests $195 as a one time activation fee. It’s renewable on annual basis. In exchange, marketing tools will be made available to him.
InCruises offers a generous compensation plan which they report to be based after million dollar compensation plans. Its success is on the compounding residual income. As an MLM business, each partner receives commission from each member they sign-up and from each new partners they recruit under their leadership.
There’s a generous line of bonuses according to the number of referrals. Mr. Hutchison announced that the official compensation disclosure document will be released soon. InCruises is giving away an inaugural Dream Cruise starting in May 2016 to motivate partners.
What is the risk of joining InCruises’ Business Opportunity?
Like any other MLM business, if you don’t take any effort of finding new partners, this won’t work for you. You will need to implement a system where you can continuously have more opportunities to invite potential partners. And work through there until they join and become part of your organization.
Should You Join?
You have the option to join as a member or a business partner or both. If you love travelling, it will be easy for you to share this product. Remember, you can travel with the biggest discount there is with inCruises. If you’re hungry for a genuine business and company that you can trust, then this might be the opportunity you’re looking for. Travel and cruise industries are proven moneymakers. With the right company, your success is inevitable.
Consider your options. Investigate well the opportunity and the people behind it. You may be surprised with the quality you can find in inCruises. Give it a try, it’s all worth it.

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