He Starts Filming His Pregnant Wife, But No One Expected THIS To Happen!

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but by the time you’re in your ninth month, you really want that baby out!

While one stubborn baby is hard enough, you can almost imagine what mother-to-be Jess is going through in the following video. Twins like these sweet newborns are such a blessing for any family, but when you’ve been having contractions for 16 days, enough is enough!

At 39 weeks pregnant, Jess was desperate to try just about anything, so the young mom decided to try what she loves most…dancing her heart out with her sweet little daughter.

Jess has a tattoo on her side that says “Dance the Dream,” and she’s definitely dancing herself into labor in this video. Even with the biggest pregnant belly I’ve ever seen, she manages to pop, lock, and drop her way to the floor. The entire time I watched this video, my heart was pounding. It felt like her babies were going to pop out at any moment!

Remember the time this pregnant mom did the same thing in her kitchen? Well, the dancing method wasn’t as effective for Jess, but I’m happy to report that she gave birth to two healthy boys a few days later.

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