He Let This Red Panda Loose In The Snow. The Result? CUTE OVERLOAD!!

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What is cuter than cute? Adorability is in the eye of the beholder, so it depends on your definition. It can be puppies attempting to swim for the first time. It can be a meerkat trying desperately to fight off a case of the sleepies. Or, if you have a darker soul, maybe you prefer a baby bat wrapped snuggly in a blanket like a burrito full of “aw!”

Yet, everyone can agree snow is not cute. First off, it’s cold. Secondly, it’s cold. And third of all, it’s not puppies.

But puppies can play in snow! Ever see a husky get a bunch of pep in its step when winter rolls around? Just watching a furry dog happily frolic in the snow is enough to melt any icy heart into a warm puddle of love goo.

Now just imagine the irrefutable cuteness of a red panda wiggling, skipping through, and doing somersaults in the snow. It’s cute enough to be a brand of cute everyone can get behind — the great cute equalizer.

Don’t believe something can be that precious? Watch the video below and keep the audio on because the noises that comes out of this critter’s mouth just adds to its appeal.

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