He Goes On A Blind Date With A Beautiful Woman But He Did Not Expect THIS To Happen…

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With Valentine’s Day now in the rear-view mirror (pun totally intended), those of you who aren’t in a relationship may now be back on the hunt to find your soulmate. That means dating and blind dating and lots of awkward conversations until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

The folks at Ford thought it might be fun to celebrate this time of year by rigging one of their brand new 2015 Ford Mustangs with a bunch of hidden cameras and sending unsuspecting fellas on blind dates with a beautiful professional stunt driver. The resulting videos are absolutely fantastic.

As the video begins, you get a look at the Ford team outfitting the gorgeous red Mustang with all the hidden cameras as their professional stunt driver takes a seat in a coffee shop.

The unsuspecting guys walk in (one at a time, of course), find their date, and they share a little small talk before she suggests they get out of there, inviting the guys to ride along with her.

When they go outside, most of the guys remark about how gorgeous the new car is and they settle into their seats with her behind the wheel.

“I don’t really know how to drive a stick,” she tells her date, laughing because she knows something very important that they don’t.

“Do you want me to drive it?” one of them asks while another says, “Let me drive it. I’ll show you what this thing can do.”

At this point, we’re laughing along because these guys (who clearly think they can “teach” this butt-kicking female a thing or two) are about to get the surprise of their lives.

She heads off and soon pulls into an abandoned lot where she says she has to “turn around,” but before they even know what hit them, the driver floors it, sending the car racing across the lot.

The guys are, of course, surprised, but their reactions are so great, ranging from complete fear to absolute shock to downright excitement.

The beautiful stunt driver sends the car into donuts, whipping it around the lot and giving the guys the rides of their lives. It’s hilarious.

Soon, she stops the car and breaks the news to them that she’s a professional stunt driver. They exit the vehicle and are greeted by Ford’s camera crew.

One of them even says, “That was the best first date ever.” Ha!

It’s a clever stunt that has already racked up nearly 8 million views on YouTube, but it’s also a great, subversive look at how one really awesome woman put these guys in their place. They all thought they had something to “teach” her, but she sure showed them who’s boss. I love it!

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