Five-Day-Old Baby Gets To Experience Mommy’s Womb Again. How? Amazing!

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You might think that, after a long nine months of gestation in Mommy’s belly, a baby would just want to be out in the world already, but it’s not actually true. Life is so warm and quiet and simple in the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, getting nutrition from Mommy, and just sleeping the day away. If it were up to babies, they might never come out. Can you blame them?

Once they’ve been delivered and brought into the world, however, new parents will often do things to try to replicate that warm womb-like feeling for the baby. It’s soothing and calming and can quiet even the most fussy of babies.

One of the first things you learn in the hospital when you have a baby is how to swaddle them. That’s because swaddling is one of the easiest ways to not only calm your crying babe down, but it’s also a great way to give your baby a sense of comfort similar to the one they’ve experienced for their last nine months in the womb.

In this video, you’ll see how one family is using an interesting, unique bathtub that’s shape helps to replicate the womb as well. The brand new mother is giving her five-day-old baby a bath in what’s called a Tummy Tub.

“The original tummy tub was developed to create the best possible conditions for the baby after birth,” says the Tummy Tub website. The safe and warm environment of the mother’s womb is translated in the ultimate baby bath.”

And you can clearly see in the video just how relaxed the newborn baby is in the Tummy Tub. Sitting in an upright position, with Mommy providing extra head and neck support, the baby is able to sit, relax, and even nod off while getting clean. Sitting upright during bathing replicates the womb and also keeps the baby warmer as they’re surrounded by water on all sides.

It’s quite clever and looks like it’s a really comfortable solution for bathing a newborn. Most of all, though, this baby just looks happy. Content, safe, and totally happy. And that is maybe the most beautiful site you’ll ever see as a parent.

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