Dad Starts Singing Her Favorite Song But She’s SO Mad. Why? OMG!

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Young children love repetition. Once they find a movie, a TV show, or a song they like, they will watch (or listen to) that same one over and over and over again (much to their parents’ chagrin) until they get locked in on something new.

This year’s big thing for kids everywhere was the massive hit Disney movie Frozen and it’s super-catchy soundtrack. Even if you don’t have children (or grandchildren), I would be utterly shocked if you had not heard the song “Let It Go” at least 20 times this past year. It was that ubiquitous in popular culture.

Well, the entire soundtrack is a major hit with the kids and one of their favorite songs is called “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” It’s adorable and heartbreaking and fun in a way that kids love.

But what happens when a Dad decides he’s had enough of the Frozen soundtrack for one day and, instead, wants to be silly with his daughter? He decides to sing her favorite song, but purposely sing the wrong words.

That’s what YouTuber Josh A decided to do and the results? Well, they’re not pretty.

“Do you want to see a snowman?” he begins.

The correct words are “Do you want to build a snowman?” in case you were wondering.

Josh doesn’t even get through the first line before his Frozen-loving daughter in her car seat starts yelling, “No!”

He continues to sing the song substituting in the wrong words and she gets increasingly angry. It’s kind of torturous, but also pretty silly. I don’t think Josh is doing it with any ill will. He’s just being silly with his kiddo and, while she is angry with him and yelling at him, she’s also clearly laughing and smiling.

It’s a silly, funny moment between a father and his daughter – one that I have had play out in my own house plenty of times – that she’ll grow up to remember fondly. Or…maybe she’ll grow up to torture Dad in much the same way.

You know what they say about revenge, right, Josh? Ha!

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