Dad Starts Filming His Newborn Twins, But You Won’t Believe What They See!

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There’s no greater gift to a family than a newborn baby…except, of course, when there’s more than one!

As you can see in this precious video of newborn triplets taking their first “swimming” lesson, babies can do just about anything and it will make us smile.

Ask any new parent and they’ll tell you — it’s impossible not to want to record every moment when they’re so tiny. However, every once in a while, parents will get lucky and catch their babies doing something hilarious and unexpected on camera.

The new dad who filmed this next video definitely has his hands full with these two infant girls, but, as you can see, he’s loving all the time he gets to spend with his daughters. While he was probably just trying to make the newborns smile and giggle when he recorded himself being silly, the camera wound up catching so much more!

Once Dad looked back at the tape, he realized how hilariously the little ones had reacted to his “baby talk” and decided it was too funny not to share. Just like in the precious video of these newborn twins, this is a special moment of the baby girls’ infancy that their family can hold on to forever!

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