• She Loved Finding This 225-Sq-Ft Tiny Cabin In The Woods, But The Inside Made Her Jaw Drop

    She Loved Finding This 225-Sq-Ft Tiny Cabin In The Woods, But The Inside Made Her Jaw Drop


    Laura Ling is an American journalist whose YouTube Channel, Seeker Stories, brings viewers on a journey all around the world to take a “deep look at some of the world’s most unique individuals, places, and cultures.” This includes an interview with former professional snowboarder Mike Basich about his truly incredible tiny house.

    Mike had everything most people could dream of. He made $170,000 a year and he had a 4,000-sq.-ft. house and an expensive car. He even had the opportunity to travel all around the world. Despite his abundance of blessings, he longed for a much simpler life.

    Fans of the Tiny House Movement all insist that living a life free from the burden of things they don’t need helps them find true happiness — just ask the owner of this 186-sq.-ft. Vancouver tiny house.

    After hundreds of competitions that brought fortune and fame, Mike decided to rediscover the reason he fell in love with snowboarding to begin with. He moved to a 225-sq.-ft. tiny house with no electricity or running water, but he has 40 acres in snow-covered Soda Springs, CA that he can call his own.

    I have never really thought that tiny house-living was for me, but once I saw those views around the 4:15 mark, I reconsidered. It’s incredible!

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  • This Man Lives In A Tiny Cave Under NYC Streets… Wait’ll You See HOW!! OMG…

    This Man Lives In A Tiny Cave Under NYC Streets… Wait’ll You See HOW!! OMG…


    Due to high rent and mortgages, people are finding alternative ways to live. Some are hitting the road in caravans, others are renovating their sheds to rent out to travelers, and some are even taking matters into their own hands and building their own tiny houses parked in friends’ backyards.

    Some of these solutions may seem extreme, but when life gives you lemons, you got to make lemonade. Because what’s the alternative? Eating a lemon?

    Homelessness, unfortunately, is the situation for many — especially in New York, where rent and real estate prices are astronomical, space is valuable, and sometimes, due to one or two bad breaks, some find themselves without a home. In fact, in December of 2014, homelessness in New York City hit an all time high of 59,068 people. The situation is heartbreaking.

    So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some people, inspired by the same gusto alive within the Tiny House Movement, have taken matters into their own hands and have found alternative places to live… like underground.

    To see where one underground dwelling, watch the video below.

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  • She Was Sick Of Her Mirrors Fogging Up. What She Did? BRILLIANT!

    She Was Sick Of Her Mirrors Fogging Up. What She Did? BRILLIANT!


    We like to think we truly practice what we preach here at D4Life. We’re committed to making your lives better, especially when it comes to the “small things” that make life easier.

    This next video features a hack that I’m actually going to race home and try out for myself. I’m so sick of cleaning mirrors and glass in my home after the steamy shower fogs them up. I can never seem to get those marks to go away for good.

    In this exclusive video from D4Life, you’ll learn a genius life-hack to keep the mirrors in your bathroom fog-free for weeks on end. All you need is some foamy shaving cream and a washcloth or rag. Any brand of shaving cream will do, so you might as well go as cheap as possible.

    Watch how she transforms the glass from foggy to crystal clear in seconds…I couldn’t believe it was so easy!

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  • She Dips Her Nails Into Rubbing Alcohol. The Result? BEAUTIFUL!

    She Dips Her Nails Into Rubbing Alcohol. The Result? BEAUTIFUL!


    Nail art has come a long way since the days of simply brushing on some basic nail polish color and changing it every few days. These days, designs can range from that very simple technique to the most intricately detailed designs applied with incredibly sophisticated tools. There are so many different ways to beautify your nails that figuring out just what you want to do can sometimes be overwhelming.

    In the below video, however, from YouTuber cutepolish, there’s a super simple beauty hack that will have your friends checking out your nails and asking, “How did you do that?!”

    All you need to do to get these amazing “newspaper nails” is start by applying a simple base coat that acts as protection for your nails.

    Next, you’re going to paint your nails with a light grey color of nail polish, and then let them dry completely.

    Now for the coolest part: transferring real newspaper print onto your nails! Grab some basic rubbing alcohol that you can get at any drug store or beauty supply store and pour some into a small container. Now just dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds.

    After the 5 seconds is up, take out your finger and press a small piece of newspaper onto your nail for around 15 seconds. Then just peel it off and the ink from the newspaper will remain on your nail!

    Finally, finish off your nails with a top coat that gives the nail a beautiful shine and protects the newspaper transfer from rubbing off.

    That’s it! How easy was that?!

    I could see this technique being a big hit for book lovers and writers. What do you think? Would you try this?

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  • She Rolls Newspaper Into Tight Tubes And Glues Them In A Pattern. Why? Genius!

    She Rolls Newspaper Into Tight Tubes And Glues Them In A Pattern. Why? Genius!


    Who would have thought that regular old newspaper could be so useful in so many different ways? Simple newspaper print is great for combining with window cleaner to get a streak-free shine on your windows. It’s awesome for putting into soaking-wet cleats after your kiddo’s soccer practice — it’ll dry them right out. But what else is this seemingly magical paper good for (other than reading, of course)?

    In this video by YouTuber IdunnGoddess, you’ll see another cool use of newspaper that definitely falls into the category of “I didn’t know you could do that!”

    By using just regular pages of newspaper print, the cut packaging of a candy box, some glue, and a long wooden stick (something like a skewer would probably work), IdunnGoddess transforms all these ingredients into a beautiful basket that you can use to hold just about anything.

    The process does seem a bit time-consuming (and probably requires a little bit of practice), so make sure you watch the video all the way through before trying this one on your own.

    Basically, you’ll use the wooden stick to help roll very tight rolls of newspaper before glueing them right at the end so they stay rolled. Then you’ll glue an odd number of newspaper rolls onto the cut circle of the candy packaging. Next, apply glue to the top of the rolls and place on the other candy packaging, and leave this weighted down to dry.

    After that, it’s really just a matter of doing the actual over-under-over-under basket weaving that you’re likely familiar with already. IdunnGoddess will guide you through how to finish off the basket with some glue.

    Finally, you can either leave the newspaper basket the way it is (to show off your DIY skills), or you can even paint it to be a bit more decorative. Either way, you’ve got yourself a fun new basket to hold your mail or any other little items you have around the house.

  • He Puts Boiling Water In A Water Gun. Why? I’m Trying This Tonight!

    He Puts Boiling Water In A Water Gun. Why? I’m Trying This Tonight!


    Many parts of the world are caught in the middle of winter right now and can definitely feel the effects of the bitter cold!

    While some folks only want to hide inside in their warm homes, others succumb to cabin fever and can’t wait to have some fun outside…no matter how painful the cold is!

    The people who created this next video, on the other hand, decided to put some real thought into their cold weather fun. What they did here is truly genius and had me wondering…why didn’t I think of this?!

    Have you ever wondered what happens to boiling water in freezing cold temperatures? These guys put it to the test, but decided to do it safely by putting the boiling water inside a water gun to see what would happen.

    When they squirted the gun off their porch in Northern Ontario, Canada, where the temperature was a deadly -42 degrees, the boiling water instantly freezes, creating pure magic in the air.

  • DIY wooden picture

    DIY wooden picture


    By simply taking a block of wood, Mod Podge, gel medium, and a photo that has been printed on a laser printer, this young woman shows how to make a beautiful wooden picture. All these materials can be found at a craft store and the process is so easy yet turns looking very expensive. What a fun idea for decorating and would also make a great gift!