• He Filmed His Kitten Playing With Water Balloons — And I Just Laughed Out Loud!

    He Filmed His Kitten Playing With Water Balloons — And I Just Laughed Out Loud!


    It’s pretty common knowledge that our feline friends are curious creatures — after all, we’re all familiar with the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” Fortunately, it’s just an expression, and the little kitten in this video’s curiosity is pretty harmless (just like this little baby, whose curiosity gets him stuck in an awkward situation). But sometimes, exploring something new has some funny consequences, something this puppy learned all about after and his first taste of lemon.

    It’s little Khan the munchkin kitten’s first Fourth of July party! While everyone was out enjoying the festivities, Khan is inside, exploring all of the new decorations and snacks. One area of the party in particular has peaked this munchkin’s interest — the water balloons!

    Khan the ever-curious kitty is mesmerized by these colorful, squishy globes. Watching him discover what they are all about for the first time is adorable…until one of them breaks from his handling! To say Khan is baffled is an understatement. I’ve never seen a kitten have such a funny reaction before! I suppose if that happened to me when I was little, I would be just as amazed.

    Watch the video and see Khan the kitten and his reaction for yourself. It’s one Fourth of July he is sure to remember!

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  • This Fisherman Gets The Surprise Of His LIFE When He Reels In His Catch. Woah!

    This Fisherman Gets The Surprise Of His LIFE When He Reels In His Catch. Woah!


    Is there anything more relaxing and enjoyable than a day on the banks of an old, slow-moving river, holding your fishing pole, with your line in the water? There are plenty of reasons that people love fishing so much. Many use it as a source of fresh food. Some use it as a relaxing getaway. And some folks even consider it a great time to bond with family while everyone participates.

    The fisherman in this video, however, may just have to rethink the whole relaxation element of his day because what he’s about to experience is surprising, shocking, and insanely funny.

    We’ve seen plenty of videos where fisherman get the surprises of their lives. Just when you think you’ve caught an award winning fish, a sea lion comes along and snatches it out of your hands as you’re posing for a picture. We’ve even seen massive sharks leap out of the water to spoil a fisherman’s day.

    Well, you can add yet another example to your running list of fisherman being foiled by other animals. In the video below, which really gets good around the 0:20 mark, a fisherman reels in what appears to be a pretty good sized fish, but as he turns his pole to bring the catch over to a lakeside table, a cat comes out of nowhere to snatch the fish right off the fisherman’s pole!

    You can tell that the man is completely surprised by the ninja cat because he even falls over as he tries to shoo the cat away. It’s not use though as the cat grabs the fish from the line and runs off with it in its mouth.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before (that cat was fast and where did it even come from?), but it’s one of the funniest things ever. Sure, he may have had a nice fish, but now he’s got a fish story that he’ll be able to tell for the rest of his life.

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  • This Cat Shows Off Her Many Talents. But What She’s BEST At? I’m SPEECHLESS

    This Cat Shows Off Her Many Talents. But What She’s BEST At? I’m SPEECHLESS


    Didja is one of the most talented cats out there in the world today. She has garnered a huge following of over 92,000 YouTube subscribers, and several of her videos have surpassed the million-view mark. The young cat can already do incredible tricks: she can use a human toilet, she can sit, she can roll over, she’s comfortable on a leash, and her newest learned talent is probably the craziest — she can now skateboard!

    Didja’s loving owner and trainer Robert Dollwet has specialized in training animals for the past 30 years, and Didja is certainly his most amazing masterpiece.

    In this newest video of Didja, we can see her doing some crazy tricks. She ollies, she goes uphill and downhill, and she even jumps off the board to jump over an obstacle while the skateboard is in motion!

    While there are a few clever editing tricks used in the video, Didja is still clearly a very impressive cat — she certainly has more balance than I do on one of those things!

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  • You’ll Never Guess What This Cutie Pie Is Hiding. HYSTERICAL!

    You’ll Never Guess What This Cutie Pie Is Hiding. HYSTERICAL!


    Every parent knows that having a pet can be really stressful. It’s kind of like having a baby, only fur gets everywhere.

    But what about when you have a pet and a baby? Now that’s just setting yourself up to go crazy, right? wrong! Having a pet is one of the best things you can do for your baby in the long run of life…and this adorable video is proof!

    Here we see a cute-as-can-be little baby girl named Kate. She can’t be more than nine months old, but she’s already on the move and has found a best friend in her parents’ cat.

    When Mom and Dad start filming Kate, she does the sweetest thing ever with their black-and-white cat. They start playing around together, but then Kate can’t stop cuddling her kitty and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll see all week.

    Something tells me these two are going to be the best of friends. Aren’t they adorable?!

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  • She Sees Her Baby Kitten Struck On An Embankment. What She Does? AMAZING!!

    She Sees Her Baby Kitten Struck On An Embankment. What She Does? AMAZING!!


    If you’re a parent, you already know how protective you can be of your children. No matter what the situation is, you’ll do anything to help your child get out of a jam. Parents have risked life and limb to save their babies, and the same goes for mothers and fathers in the animal kingdom. It’s an amazing thing to see when that parental instinct comes shining through in a dire situation.

    Take the below video, for example. The mother’s instinct to protect her young is on full display in what is one of the most heartwarming videos we’ve seen in a while.

    In the video, you can see a a black-and-white mother cat standing atop a very steep embankment that’s covered in what appears to be sharp, hard rocks. If you slide your eye down just a bit, you’ll see her beautiful white kitten standing on the embankment below her.

    Unfortunately, the tiny kitten is stranded and unable to make the leap it needs to get up to safety with its mother. Try as it might to scratch, claw, and jump to safety, the kitten just can’t make it up.

    The mother cat is clearly worried about her baby the entire time. She’s pacing back and forth and trying to reach her paws over the edge to her kitten without falling down the embankment herself. It’s a heart-wrenching thing to watch in action.

    Near the end of the video, the white kitty takes one more faithful leap to get up onto flat ground, but it all goes wrong as it loses its footing and goes tumbling down the embankment, rolling over the hard, sharp rocks before resting at the bottom.

    This is when Mommy’s parental instinct really kicks in. No more reaching over the edge for her kitten; this time she just jumps right in. Mommy cat leaps onto the rocky embankment and runs down to her baby. She checks it out quickly before grabbing the kitty by the scruff of its neck, and carrying it in her teeth up the embankment.

    Still holding the kitty in her teeth, the mother cat rears back and takes one big leap, which is just enough for her to reach the flat land above the embankment. She drops the kitty and both Mommy and her baby are both safe.

    Phew! I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the mother cat make it up to flat land with her kitty. What an amazing, touching video that shows just how deeply parents care for their babies.

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  • She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!

    She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!


    Despite the old adage of “fighting like cats and dogs,” many dogs learn to live peacefully with cats. The following video is further proof that inter-species friendships are just the best.

    One family adopted three baby kittens and were a little nervous about introducing them to the older dog, as he’d been the only pet in the house. Well, it’s safe to say, this pup is so happy to have some new pals.

    In the video, their owner found the pets all sleeping on the couch, hilariously lounging on their backs. The kittens followed after the dog and mimicked his pose. How funny! This patient pup is so calm around the new kittens. He lets them snuggle up and stay warm. He barely even moves — looking more like a stuffed animal than a real dog.

    Watching these pets get along melts my heart. I seriously can’t help but smile for the entire two-minute clip. I just want to snuggle and cuddle with these adorable babies. They must all be so grateful for all the fun they’re having in their new home. How precious are these fur balls?!

  • She Touches Her Cat’s Nose. Why? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

    She Touches Her Cat’s Nose. Why? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!


    Animals have some amazing (and quite varied) talents, and putting them on display usually results in a few thousand views on YouTube. If you’re lucky and your pet is super talented or unique in some way, your video might even go viral. But what about those animals with talents you’ve never seen before? Where do they fit in?

    YouTuber Ashley K decided to put this question to the test when she made a quick video to show off her cat’s very unique talent.

    What is it, you ask? Well, let’s just say that her kitty doubles as a light switch.

    In the video, you’ll see as Ashley pets her loving, purring kitty affectionately under the chin, much to the cat’s delight. The room is dark and quiet, but kitty seems to be loving it.

    After a few seconds, Ashley lifts her thumb up from under her cat’s chin and touches its nose. Suddenly, the light in the room brightens. She touches kitty’s nose and the light increases yet again. One more time and the light goes off.

    Amazing! Kitty is clearly a new form of light switch!

    Not so fast, folks. While this is a totally adorable display of electrical conduction in the human (and animal body), Ashley has not wired kitty up to the electrical grid. Her cat’s paw is merely resting on a touch lamp (remember those?) and when Ashley touches her cat’s nose, it’s basically the same as if she were touching the lamp.

    See that? All those years of growing up watching Mr. Wizard paid off!

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  • An Orphaned Kitten Wandered Into The Zoo. Where They Found Her? OMG!

    An Orphaned Kitten Wandered Into The Zoo. Where They Found Her? OMG!


    Whenever I hear a story about a homeless, orphaned, or abandoned animal being taken in by another animal, all I can think is “why can’t more humans can’t be so compassionate?”

    Maybe it’s an animal’s natural instinct to protect and care for another animal, but whatever the reason is, there’s no denying we can learn a lot from these caring creatures.

    In the video below, we learn the story of Dusja, a tiny kitten who had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. Dusja had no home and no family when she wandered into the most ironic place, the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    However, as you will see, everything happens for a reason, and Dusja didn’t just end up her by chance. She found herself inside the lynx habitat, where she was befriended by another feline, Linda the Lynx.

    When zookeepers discovered Dusja with the Lynx, they couldn’t even be upset. What they did with her warmed my heart!

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  • Meet LIL BUB, Internet Cat Sensation

    Meet LIL BUB, Internet Cat Sensation


    Born the runt of the litter, Lil Bub was discovered in a tool shed and later adopted. Though Bub was born with a multiple of genetic abnormalities, including an extreme case of dwarfism, she has risen to become one of the most famous cats on the internet. Her owner’s story of how Lil Bub has impacted him is one that proves the indescribable ways pets touch our lives and make them better.

  • He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!

    He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!


    People sometimes make assumptions about pets (and animals in general) that aren’t exactly true. For years, you’ve surely heard that dogs and cats just do not get along. Are there instances where this is true? Absolutely. But, more often than not, dogs and cats can be best of friends. It’s really about the particular pet’s personality and their environment that makes or breaks this combination.

    Take, for instance, this video by YouTuber Francisco Xavier Orozco. His one-year-old pit bull mix is clearly his pride and joy. She gets to lay on the bed and he obviously loves her to pieces.

    In April, Orozco happened to find an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring home the tiny kitty to try to raise her on his own. So, what does Francisco do when faced with having to bring a newborn kitten into the same home as his one-year-old puppy? He gives them a formal introduction, of course.

    In the video, you’ll see as Francisco carries the diminutive cat in his hands and slowly shows her to Molly. At first, the pooch is slightly confused, wondering what that tiny, moving object in her human’s hands is. But, within a matter of seconds, Molly is excited, wagging her tail, and trying to play with the little kitty.

    Before long, we even get to see Molly cuddling with the kitten, licking it, and basically becoming its surrogate mother. How absolutely adorable!

    Not only is this video incredibly heartwarming, but it also shows the true heart of animals to love and care for each other, regardless of the boundaries that we humans often think exists between them.

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  • When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!

    When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!


    It may be hard to imagine why a dog would be absolutely terrified of a cat. Sure, all dogs are different, but most dogs are much bigger than your average kitty and could probably do way more damage. Nonetheless, these scaredy-dogs do not want to risk getting cat-slapped!

    PetFinder shared this hilarious video compilation called “You Shall Not Pass, Dog,” in which some very mean cats prevent some very cowardly dogs from climbing the stairs, walking through the kitchen, and generally going anywhere the cat does not wish them to go. The cats give the hounds some serious death stares and, despite some gentle encouragement from their pet parents, the dogs just won’t budge. Some even whimper pathetically in the face of their kitty foes.

    It all reminds me a bit of that old belief that elephants are afraid of mice (which, by the way, is totally exaggerated). Then again, cats can be freaky sometimes.

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