• Drawing Harry Potter

    Drawing Harry Potter


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    Prismacolor colored pencil drawing of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.
    Music: Harry Potter – Remixed by Andrew Gerlicher, The Time To Run (Finale) by Dexter Britain

  • She’s Furious At Her Husband…But The Reason? HILARIOUS!

    She’s Furious At Her Husband…But The Reason? HILARIOUS!


    We’ve seen many commercials featuring dogs and their adorable families, and this one is definitely my new favorite.

    Subaru is known for their wonderful ads featuring the “Barkley” family, and this one dubbed “In The Doghouse” just may be the most realistic of all. I won’t give it all away, but I will say that when a gorgeous standard poodle suddenly catches Dad’s eye, Mom is not pleased and the outcome is hilarious…

    …Which brings up two solid points. 1) If only all fights between spouses were this adorable. And 2) This should be a lesson to all men… LOL!

    I have a poodle myself, so I loved this commercial right away. The best part has to be the “wife” giving her husband the death stare. Just like humans, right?! Since half of all Subaru owners are dog owners, it only makes sense that this car company appeals to a pet-friendly audience.

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  • 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

    2015 Super Bowl Commercial


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  • She Let A Baby Tiger Approach Her Dog…But Never Expected THIS!

    She Let A Baby Tiger Approach Her Dog…But Never Expected THIS!


    Now this is puppy love. Three-month-old tiger Hunter was born at The Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa and quickly made an unusual friendship with a puppy. This inseparable duo will melt your heart and put the biggest smile on your face.

    Hunter was rejected by his mother at birth. Fortunately, the baby tiger cub didn’t stay lonely for long. He quickly bonded with Chelsea the German pointer puppy, who belongs to one of the zoologists of the wildlife sanctuary.

    These unlikely best friends take walks together every day. The pals even play fight, wrestle, and stalk one another through the grass. Their bond is truly incredible. Although this video might not be for the faint of heart, you can tell the puppy loves to roughhouse with the tiger. It’s important to note that the zookeepers are always keeping a watchful eye on the pair, even though these two companions just love playtime together.

    Unfortunately, when Hunter reaches six months, the two will be separated for Chelsea’s safety. For now, however, the pals are having the time of their lives, playing and bonding!

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  • When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!

    When The Dog Saw The Cat, He Reacted The Last Way I Expected! LOL!


    It may be hard to imagine why a dog would be absolutely terrified of a cat. Sure, all dogs are different, but most dogs are much bigger than your average kitty and could probably do way more damage. Nonetheless, these scaredy-dogs do not want to risk getting cat-slapped!

    PetFinder shared this hilarious video compilation called “You Shall Not Pass, Dog,” in which some very mean cats prevent some very cowardly dogs from climbing the stairs, walking through the kitchen, and generally going anywhere the cat does not wish them to go. The cats give the hounds some serious death stares and, despite some gentle encouragement from their pet parents, the dogs just won’t budge. Some even whimper pathetically in the face of their kitty foes.

    It all reminds me a bit of that old belief that elephants are afraid of mice (which, by the way, is totally exaggerated). Then again, cats can be freaky sometimes.

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  • Five-Day-Old Baby Gets To Experience Mommy’s Womb Again. How? Amazing!

    Five-Day-Old Baby Gets To Experience Mommy’s Womb Again. How? Amazing!


    You might think that, after a long nine months of gestation in Mommy’s belly, a baby would just want to be out in the world already, but it’s not actually true. Life is so warm and quiet and simple in the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, getting nutrition from Mommy, and just sleeping the day away. If it were up to babies, they might never come out. Can you blame them?

    Once they’ve been delivered and brought into the world, however, new parents will often do things to try to replicate that warm womb-like feeling for the baby. It’s soothing and calming and can quiet even the most fussy of babies.

    One of the first things you learn in the hospital when you have a baby is how to swaddle them. That’s because swaddling is one of the easiest ways to not only calm your crying babe down, but it’s also a great way to give your baby a sense of comfort similar to the one they’ve experienced for their last nine months in the womb.

    In this video, you’ll see how one family is using an interesting, unique bathtub that’s shape helps to replicate the womb as well. The brand new mother is giving her five-day-old baby a bath in what’s called a Tummy Tub.

    “The original tummy tub was developed to create the best possible conditions for the baby after birth,” says the Tummy Tub website. The safe and warm environment of the mother’s womb is translated in the ultimate baby bath.”

    And you can clearly see in the video just how relaxed the newborn baby is in the Tummy Tub. Sitting in an upright position, with Mommy providing extra head and neck support, the baby is able to sit, relax, and even nod off while getting clean. Sitting upright during bathing replicates the womb and also keeps the baby warmer as they’re surrounded by water on all sides.

    It’s quite clever and looks like it’s a really comfortable solution for bathing a newborn. Most of all, though, this baby just looks happy. Content, safe, and totally happy. And that is maybe the most beautiful site you’ll ever see as a parent.

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  • He Rolls A Piece Of Paper To Replace This Common Kitchen Utensil. So Cool!!

    He Rolls A Piece Of Paper To Replace This Common Kitchen Utensil. So Cool!!


    Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there always seems to be that one utensil that goes missing. It’s usually a smaller item (it would be hard to lose something as big as, say, a toaster), but you inevitably will not be able to find it when you need it most.

    What item is that for me, you ask? The bottle opener. I know, I know. Get one that has a magnet on it. Stick it on the fridge, you say. I have one like that, but for some reason it always ends up missing.

    Thankfully, Brian Brushwood has a perfect solution for those times when you’re trying to pop open a bottle of soda, suds, or anything else you might want to quench your thirst, but just can’t seem to find the bottle opener.

    The host of National Geographic‘s new life hacking show Hacking the System, Brushwood will show you (in this quick, 30-second video) how you can use an ordinary piece of paper (or even a dollar bill) to open a bottle in the case of an emergency.

    In the video, you can follow along as Brian instructs you to take a piece of paper, fold it in half (make sure to line everything up perfectly), and then begin to roll it as tightly as you possibly can. Once you have the paper rolled in a tight tube, just fold it in half.

    Next you’ll take the webbing of your hand (between your thumb and index finger) and place it against the back of the bottle cap. Then you’ll stick your paper bottle opener in between your index finger and the bottle as you close your hand over it. Next, pull on the paper, using your index finger as a fulcrum, and the cap should pop right off.

    It might not be the easiest way to get the cap off a sealed bottle, but it should work nicely in a pinch. Be sure to watch the video, as seeing Brushwood actually go through the motions to remove the cap will give you a much better sense of how it works.

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  • It Looks Like He’s Alone, But Look Closer… I’m Bawling!!

    It Looks Like He’s Alone, But Look Closer… I’m Bawling!!


    Every day since his wife Betty’s death, Bud Caldwell has brought one daisy and a penny to a park bench that he bought and dedicated to her. The gifts are tributes to songs the couple had loved during their 56 years together: “Daisy a Day,” and “Pennies From Heaven.”

    But the recent snowy and icy conditions made it nearly impossible for him to make the trip into the park. Although the snow-covered walkways were too dangerous to cross, Caldwell, who lives in Fond du Lac, WI, continued making his daily trips but stayed in his car. When two park workers noticed Caldwell was unable to deliver his gifts to his late wife, they decided to shovel the walkway to Betty’s bench. According to local news stations, the employees will keep the path clear all through the winter.

    Now, he can continue to visit his wife, reporting on what’s going on and telling her about his day.

    “I tried not to let her down, and this is one way that I can show that,” he told FOX 11.

    After the random act of kindness from the two park employees, Caldwell was brought to tears.

    “Two young men did such a nice thing for one old man,” he said.

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  • Looks Like A Normal Dumpster—But What She Found Inside? Shocking

    Looks Like A Normal Dumpster—But What She Found Inside? Shocking


    According to the Humane Society, dogs are the most common victims of animal cruelty in media-reported animal cruelty cases. One young, unsuspecting couple learned this firsthand when they made a shocking discovery.

    One night, Chelsea and her husband tossed out their trash at the dumpster outside their apartment complex, when they heard a noise coming from inside a trash bag in the dumpster. What they found made my jaw drop and broke my heart.

    There was a tiny newborn puppy, just days old and without sight. She was trapped at the bottom of the dumpster and covered with food, beer bottles and junk. Just imagining this helpless baby brings tears to my eyes.

    Chelsea became a hero and a pet parent that night. She took the puppy to three different vets and they all confirmed that despite her nightmare, she was healthy. “We’re in love with her. We can’t get rid of her, especially after taking care of her.”

    But, she still wants the person responsible for throwing this puppy away to pay. “I’m just hoping that they get caught. I don’t want them to do it again and somebody just not notice it and a puppy just lay in there and die,” said Chelsea.

    Thank God Chelsea and her husband were at the right place at the right time, and did what they did. This little pup is precious, and I’m so glad she gets her second chance at life. If you agree, please SHARE this video on Facebook.

  • Her Husband Hands Her A Photo Album. Inside? My Heart Dropped

    Her Husband Hands Her A Photo Album. Inside? My Heart Dropped


    It must be nice to be able to fly around the world anytime you want, but for the rest of us, a lot of time, preparation, and, most importantly, money goes into taking a big trip.

    I know from experience that it can take much longer than expected to take that dream vacation, but for many folks, luxuries like travel are out of the question.

    That’s why this next video put such a smile on my face and so much love in my heart. For once, a well-deserved surprise for a couple who worked hard to treat themselves!

    Rob Wiltsey posted the following video to YouTube with the description: “My wife has always wanted to go to England, but we never had the money. I have been saving for about a year and finally got to tell her.”

    However, it’s not the surprise that got Rob’s video over 150,000 views in just a couple of days, but the truly awesome way he surprised his wife.

    This is one video you don’t want to miss. I’m so happy for this adorable couple!

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  • He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!

    He Introduces His Pit Bull To A Newborn Kitten. Her Reaction? I’m Speechless!


    People sometimes make assumptions about pets (and animals in general) that aren’t exactly true. For years, you’ve surely heard that dogs and cats just do not get along. Are there instances where this is true? Absolutely. But, more often than not, dogs and cats can be best of friends. It’s really about the particular pet’s personality and their environment that makes or breaks this combination.

    Take, for instance, this video by YouTuber Francisco Xavier Orozco. His one-year-old pit bull mix is clearly his pride and joy. She gets to lay on the bed and he obviously loves her to pieces.

    In April, Orozco happened to find an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring home the tiny kitty to try to raise her on his own. So, what does Francisco do when faced with having to bring a newborn kitten into the same home as his one-year-old puppy? He gives them a formal introduction, of course.

    In the video, you’ll see as Francisco carries the diminutive cat in his hands and slowly shows her to Molly. At first, the pooch is slightly confused, wondering what that tiny, moving object in her human’s hands is. But, within a matter of seconds, Molly is excited, wagging her tail, and trying to play with the little kitty.

    Before long, we even get to see Molly cuddling with the kitten, licking it, and basically becoming its surrogate mother. How absolutely adorable!

    Not only is this video incredibly heartwarming, but it also shows the true heart of animals to love and care for each other, regardless of the boundaries that we humans often think exists between them.

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  • Twins Imitate Mommy When She’s Angry, And I Can’t Stop Laughing!

    Twins Imitate Mommy When She’s Angry, And I Can’t Stop Laughing!


    Jimmy Kimmel is known for his hilarious on-the-street segments and fun pranks — especially when they involve kids. It seems like all you have to do for some good television is walk up to kids with a microphone in hand and ask them a question. Any question. And the result is usually gold.

    Here, a reporter is sent onto the streets of LA to ask a bunch of random, adorable kids, “What is the worst thing you ever heard your Mommy say?” Their answers are priceless, and they reveal that moms aren’t as innocent as they may claim! I mean, curse words and foul language for days! LOL!

    My favorite answer has to be the kid in the Lakers hat who first politely asks, “Can I say it?” And then when he gets the go-ahead, simply says, “F#%&.”

    Do you think it’s all in good fun, or that these moms need to rethink their language at home? I think it’s a little bit of both 🙂

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  • Dad Asks His Daughter About Marriage. Her Answer? PRICELESS!!

    Dad Asks His Daughter About Marriage. Her Answer? PRICELESS!!


    This might be one of the most heartwarming moments ever captured on camera. In the video, dad Demetrius Brown gives his little girl, Nola, a lesson on how a good man should treat her. He schools her on what to demand from a man for when she grows from a princess to a queen and becomes a wife — and his daughter’s response will melt your heart.

    This doting dad is an amazing example of a real man. He tells three-year-old Nola that she needs to find a husband someday who will open doors for her, keep her honor intact, and “only put his hands on her if he’s showing her love.” As he lays down the groundwork and helps prepare his little girl to choose the right kind of man, it’s clear that the message is getting through.

    At the very end, she heartwarmingly assures her dad that he’ll always be there for her because she’s his “little baby.” Aww!! All dads should take the time to teach their daughters these important lessons about love, respect, and honor at a young age. Watch the adorable conversation below.

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  • This Snow Shoveling Hack Will Make Your Winter So Much Easier

    This Snow Shoveling Hack Will Make Your Winter So Much Easier


    One guy shows his easy trick for getting rid of tons of snow in a jiff.
    By day, Joshua Jordan is an illusionist, but what he does to get rid of tons of snow in his West Virginia yard is no illusion:
    Jordan says that his method can help you get rid of your shovel forever.
    That is, depending on the consistency of the snow in your neighborhood.

  • Tearful Dad Does Something Amazing For His Son With Autism

    Tearful Dad Does Something Amazing For His Son With Autism


    When John’s son Andrew, who has Autism, was done with school, Andrew felt like he had no purpose. So his dad started a company to help kids just like him. This is amazing! Who would you help like this if you could?

  • Little Girl Sings Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Hold for the big finish it’s worth it!

    Little Girl Sings Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Hold for the big finish it’s worth it!


    Little Josie is just 23 months old, and already has quite the interest in music. With the help of her new toy, she is singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” to her father. What a sweet little girl, and wonderful moment to catch on video!

  • Jealous Baby

    Jealous Baby


    No doubt this little baby boy is growing up in a loving and caring family. When Dad gives Mom a kiss, he follows suit copying him making sure Mommy knows he loves her too. This Mom is being showered with affection when finally baby decides he should share the love and gives Dad a kiss too. What a sweet little boy!

  • Weather map goes crazy live on the air

    Weather map goes crazy live on the air


    When weatherman Cory McCloskey was faced with some weather map malfunctions, how he handled the situation had his coworkers and everyone else in hysterics. Those are some pretty high temperatures – and his advice on how to handle the heat is just too funny!

  • Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother. Animals Do Have Emotions

    Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother. Animals Do Have Emotions


    Losing a sibling is very hard for everyone. When the owner woke up, Brutus was laying next to his brother Hank crying that his best friend has left this earth. This dog’s emotions are felt and are so heart wrenching showing that our pets feel in the same way to us for their loved ones.

  • T-Shirt Scarf and Necklace Mother’s Day Craft | MetroParent.com DIY

    T-Shirt Scarf and Necklace Mother’s Day Craft | MetroParent.com DIY


    Kim Kovelle at MetroParent is a super fun and funky mom here to help you turn those old t-shirts into awesome scarves and necklaces. MetroParent is dedicated to easy and fun cooking and craft projects that are totally doable at home. This is such a great craft, and could even be easy enough to do with the kids (keeping them away from the scissors of course). What an awesome gift idea too!

  • DIY wooden picture

    DIY wooden picture


    By simply taking a block of wood, Mod Podge, gel medium, and a photo that has been printed on a laser printer, this young woman shows how to make a beautiful wooden picture. All these materials can be found at a craft store and the process is so easy yet turns looking very expensive. What a fun idea for decorating and would also make a great gift!

  • Baily Beagle “Plays Dead” On National TV

    Baily Beagle “Plays Dead” On National TV


    Bailey the beagle takes the old trick “Play Dead” to a new hilarious level. Her owner says she has a mind of her own, and maybe that’s how she added her own little touch to her trick. Appearing on national television, she had David Letterman and the entire audience in laughter with her acting skills. What a fun little dog!

  • Jacob Chen – An Adoption Story

    Jacob Chen – An Adoption Story


    This touching story follows the journey of a young couple who, after trying to conceive for the past nine years, finally get to meet their adopted baby boy, Jacob, for the first time. It is so well said when they describe their son’s adoption compared to the adoption that we have when we join God’s family. This little boy will no doubt be very loved.

  • Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl – It’s A Miracle – 4365

    Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl – It’s A Miracle – 4365


    This beautiful Lab was going to be put down until Annette and Steve rescued him. They sensed there was something very special about him, but could never have guessed the series of events that would take place. They discovered he was blind, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a hero that has everyone amazed. God works in wonderful ways!

  • Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains

    Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains


    I couldn’t believe my eyes watching these two men walking on ice. As they were hiking in Slovakia, they found a frozen lake and decided to walk out on it. As they look below to their feet, the water has frozen perfectly clear. What an astonishing and beautiful sight – it almost appears as they are walking on water!

  • Kids play with paint a get it all over their faces

    Kids play with paint a get it all over their faces


    When dad walks in the room, he’s found his two boys completely covered in paint. He tries as hard as he can to admonish them, but as they try to talk their way out of the mess, dad is having a harder and harder time keeping a straight face. What a hilarious memory this family will have to talk about years ahead!

  • Whether This Lioness Wants To Play With Or Eat This Little Boy Is Uncertain

    Whether This Lioness Wants To Play With Or Eat This Little Boy Is Uncertain


    The zoo is a great place to bring your little ones for a day of learning and adorableness – what kid doesn’t like seeing all of the cool, giant animals? It’s a foolproof way to make your kid’s day. What’s even better, though, is when the animals are just as interested in us as we are them. That’s exactly what happened when this tiny toddler caught the attention of this very intrigued lioness at the Texas Zoo.

    The jury is still out as to whether or not this big cat is trying to play with the little boy, or if she thinks he’s a yummy piece of steak. Either way, this is just too cute. Do you think this little guy will ask for more lion stuffed animals now? One thing’s for sure, he’s walking away from this trip to the zoo with a new friend.

  • In Case You Didn’t Know, This Is Basically The Cutest Animal Species On Earth

    In Case You Didn’t Know, This Is Basically The Cutest Animal Species On Earth


    If you’ve seen a picture of a giant panda or watched a giant baby panda do…well, anything, you know they’re pretty darn cute. But, here’s the thing – there’s a cute panda that’s been crawling under the radar for far too long. The red panda. Not convinced of their adorableness? That’s why we’re here. Watch the video below and just try to tell us we’re wrong (we dare you)!
    Bah! They’re so adorable! They crawl all over people – I wish I had a panda to cuddle with 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I still love giant pandas as much as the next girl, but these little red guys have scurried their way right into my heart.

  • Adorable Dog Watches Over His Little Human Who Doesn’t Feel Well

    Adorable Dog Watches Over His Little Human Who Doesn’t Feel Well


    Momma was home with her sweet baby boy, Carter, because he was feeling sick. She stepped out of the room for just a minute. But when she came back THIS is what she found. It’s impossible to prepare yourself for this much cuteness overload–way to watch over your human, Toby!

  • Barbershop Quartet Surprises Passengers During A Flight Delay

    Barbershop Quartet Surprises Passengers During A Flight Delay


    We’ve seen a lot of surprise performances on planes and trains. But we’ve never seen anything like this barbershop quartet’s a cappella performance of the golden oldie ‘Under the Boardwalk’! Port City Sound blew me away with these harmonies. Who else wishes they could have seen this in person?

  • 13-Year-Old Wows Judges In 15 Seconds!

    13-Year-Old Wows Judges In 15 Seconds!


    When you hear Demi’s powerful voice you’ll never believe she’s only 13. The Voice’s judges couldn’t believe their ears, and her cover of ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ will give you chills.

  • New Dad Gets Best Surprise. . .In A Photo Booth!

    New Dad Gets Best Surprise. . .In A Photo Booth!


    Jessica wanted to surprise her husband with the amazing news that she was pregnant. So she took him to this photo booth. And the beyond joyful reaction that she gets is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. What’s the best reaction you’ve ever gotten from exciting news? Tell us below!

  • Kids Bust Dad Dancing In The Kitchen – You Go Daddy!

    Kids Bust Dad Dancing In The Kitchen – You Go Daddy!


    I don’t know which part I liked better the pancakes or the dancing. But I’d love to be this much of a morning person. And when he realized he was being filmed, I lost it! This is better than coffee! Who else would love to wake up to this hilarity?

  • Trash Man Does THIS To Help Those Who Lost HOPE

    Trash Man Does THIS To Help Those Who Lost HOPE


    Arnold Harvey and his wife spend the wee morning hours everyday handing out ‘love bags’– spreading care and love to the homeless. This trash man saw a need and couldn’t help but fill it with God’s love. Break my heart for what breaks your Lord, AMEN!

  • Teacher And Her 3-Year-Old Daughter WOW Judges In Audition!

    Teacher And Her 3-Year-Old Daughter WOW Judges In Audition!


    When teacher and single mom Kelley Kime decided to show the world the gift God gave her, she knew she had to bring her daughter Hope along with her. And when you see this dynamic duo and HEAR their beautiful voices you’ll be in love. Wow just check this out! Who do you know who has a voice like an angel? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Boy Dancing Own The Floor

    Boy Dancing Own The Floor


    This young man has some incredible talent. His fancy footwork and quick steps have him moving all over the dance floor. An obvious crowd pleaser, the attention doesn’t seem to bother him a bit as he runs around the edge urging them all to clap along. He has quite the dancing career ahead of him if he keeps this up!

  • Vienna State Opera, funny ballet. Слава Украине!

    Vienna State Opera, funny ballet. Слава Украине!


    This beautiful, and classically trained ballet troop did something a little out of the ordinary to keep their audience guessing What a hysterical way to have fun at the ballet, and really enjoy your audience!

  • Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs

    Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs


    Zookeeper Kevin Richardson has lived, fed, and slept with lions while caring for them at the zoo. He feels an incredible bond with the lions, and the trust they show in him is inconceivable. This self taught “Lion Whisperer” proves his wonderful relationship with this lioness and her cubs in this beautiful video.

  • Meet LIL BUB, Internet Cat Sensation

    Meet LIL BUB, Internet Cat Sensation


    Born the runt of the litter, Lil Bub was discovered in a tool shed and later adopted. Though Bub was born with a multiple of genetic abnormalities, including an extreme case of dwarfism, she has risen to become one of the most famous cats on the internet. Her owner’s story of how Lil Bub has impacted him is one that proves the indescribable ways pets touch our lives and make them better.

  • ‘Guitar Playing Dog’ toy poodle MOCHA / JPN

    ‘Guitar Playing Dog’ toy poodle MOCHA / JPN


    How Mocha has learned to play the guitar so well we aren’t sure, but he certainly has good timing and a wonderful strumming technique. This toy poodle is adorable and must love playing ‘duets’ with his owner. Thank you Mocha for sharing your talent with us all!

  • Little Girl Conducting Church Choir

    Little Girl Conducting Church Choir


    Anyone looking to fill a position for a choir director? Beautiful little Lara definitely has a career in her future. She can certainly hold the attention of anyone with her seriousness, intensity, and full-out devotion to the creation of music. This baby conductor for sure has a bright future ahead of her, bless her heart!

  • Hello says the dog

    Hello says the dog


    This “conversation” between Dad and his dog has the family cracking up. As Dad approaches the gate, he gives his dog the familiar greeting “Hello.” The dog responds right back with a “Hello” that sounds so crystal clear it makes us all wonder if that is exactly what he is saying. Either way he is bringing a happy smile to all of us!

  • Mama C breaking it down!

    Mama C breaking it down!


    Go Nana! When grandma is in the kitchen, she doesn’t just cook, she brings the house down and has the whole family entertained while doing it. I think even the family dog was trying to get in on the fun. What a fun way to stay young – good for the body and the soul. Keep having fun grandma!

  • Hallelujah by Jeff Gutt

    Hallelujah by Jeff Gutt


    Jeff Gutt started playing guitar when he was only six years old, but didn’t start singing until he was in high school. Through a series of events, he abandoned music until his son was born, which turned his life around. His inspiring story led him to The X Factor where he sings America’s choice song for him: “Hallelujah” in a way that left us in awe.

  • Why Co-Sleeping is No-Sleeping

    Why Co-Sleeping is No-Sleeping


    Grabbing her cell phone to record her baby after she got up from the crib in the morning, this Mom realizes that co-sleeping with her baby means that neither of them will get sleep. The adorable baby is just being active and wants to play around with Mom.

  • Dogs Taught To Pray

    Dogs Taught To Pray


    With closed eyes and folded paws, these sweet dogs are so happy to pray for their good meals. Isn’t it adorable how they just can’t wait for an “amen” to begin their meals? God bless our sweet and wonderful pets who make us smile each and every day!

  • Sarah McLachlan ♥ Pink – Angel (HD) Live.Angel Elvis

    Sarah McLachlan ♥ Pink – Angel (HD) Live.Angel Elvis


    A truly beautiful duet, Sarah McLachlan and Pink’s voices come together to complement one another so beautifully in the famous song, “In The Arms Of The Angel.” Written by Sarah, this song stayed on Billboard’s top 100 for 29 weeks and is still of favorite touching the hearts of many.

  • She Caught This Guy Molesting Her On A Plane — Then He Gets What He Deserves!

    She Caught This Guy Molesting Her On A Plane — Then He Gets What He Deserves!


    In many parts of the world, sexual assault is very rarely reported because of the social stigma cast on female victims. That’s why the video you’re about to see is so powerful, and went viral in just days.

    YouTube user Shreyas Rao uploaded this shocking video recorded on an Indigo Flight in late January of 2015. In the video’s description, he included the female victim’s explanation:

    “This man on the seat behind mine, put his fingers in the seat gap to touch me!!! I was very shocked for sometime to react. By then the flight went to landing mode. Then the moment flight touched down, I got up. Saw his hand was again on the side ready to take up any opportunity to touch me!!! I created such a scene, humiliated him in front of the whole flight! He thought like usual girls will keep quiet and he can get away with this! I have lodged an FIR now! He is a very rich man of Bhubaneswar and is now very humiliated in front of the people who know him. Cant believe the ordeal I had to go thru but being silent is a crime! The police officer was very helpful and the Indigo staff remained with me throughout. The man is under police custody currently. I clicked his pictures and made videos, shouted so loud that the entire plane came forward to see him! i made sure i humiliate him as much as possible because i know law will do nothing.”

    Speaking in Hinglish (Hindi and English), the conversation goes like this:

    Girl: “You’re asking for forgiveness. Why? Because I’m a girl? And you have the right to touch me any time, anywhere you want to?”

    Man: “I’m asking for forgiveness.”

    Girl: “What forgiveness are you asking for? Did you do it only once? Was it by mistake? Look at how old you are. Old moron. Halfway into your grave and still not wise enough. Say more? Say more, come on. I’m videotaping you, mister! If you ever do this again, you’ll remember this episode. You think us girls stay silent and you can do anything, right? Look here. Why are you so bashful now? I will call security. I’ll make sure I make a complaint.”

    Man: “I’m sorry about it. Please, stop it.”

    Girl: “Why? Why, please? I’m sorry, please. I’m sorry that I’m a girl! Please, forgive me, for I dare to travel alone as a woman. I’m so sorry for that! I will not leave you. Don’t think [sic].”

    Man: [unintelligible]

    Girl: “Yes, I have purposefully done that. You thought you could do it again, right? You were touching me here again the second time. You thought I didn’t know what was going on and I would stay quiet, right? Only us girls are expected to have shame. You have a right to be shameless.”

    What do you think of how this woman reacted? Let us know, and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook. Keep the conversation going.

  • This Awful Guy Tries To Kick A Dog — Then Gets What He Deserves!

    This Awful Guy Tries To Kick A Dog — Then Gets What He Deserves!


    “Instant karma’s gonna get you…”

    John Lennon couldn’t have been more spot-on. It takes a certain type of person to go around abusing innocent animals, and here we meet a man who’s exactly that type of person. While walking around what looks to be an outdoor market, the man in the pink shirt sees a white dog seemingly minding his own business, or at the very least not posing any kind of threat. Out of nowhere, the man goes to kick the dog in the face — and it was all caught on camera.

    At first, I was afraid to look at the footage — but lo and behold, we see karma in its most glorious action. Instead of kicking the dog, the man’s legs fall right out from under him and he literally face plants on the hard ground. HA! Yes! He totally gets what he deserves, and I love how the dog just walks away like nothing happened.

    Someone who has no regard for others, be they on two legs or four, deserves to fall on his face.

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  • An Orphaned Kitten Wandered Into The Zoo. Where They Found Her? OMG!

    An Orphaned Kitten Wandered Into The Zoo. Where They Found Her? OMG!


    Whenever I hear a story about a homeless, orphaned, or abandoned animal being taken in by another animal, all I can think is “why can’t more humans can’t be so compassionate?”

    Maybe it’s an animal’s natural instinct to protect and care for another animal, but whatever the reason is, there’s no denying we can learn a lot from these caring creatures.

    In the video below, we learn the story of Dusja, a tiny kitten who had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. Dusja had no home and no family when she wandered into the most ironic place, the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    However, as you will see, everything happens for a reason, and Dusja didn’t just end up her by chance. She found herself inside the lynx habitat, where she was befriended by another feline, Linda the Lynx.

    When zookeepers discovered Dusja with the Lynx, they couldn’t even be upset. What they did with her warmed my heart!

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    image by

  • Identical Twins Give This Judge Goosebumps, But When She Turns Around? OMG!

    Identical Twins Give This Judge Goosebumps, But When She Turns Around? OMG!


    Hannah and Naomi Moxon have been turning heads since they were babies. One look at them and you’ll understand why…

    You can’t miss these 19-year-old twins when you see them on the street. These sisters from Longthorpe, England are identical in every way, even their hauntingly beautiful voices.

    The twins, who perform under the name “Classical Reflection,” were recently featured as contestants on The Voice UK, where they were hoping to turn more than just the judges’ heads.

    When the talented sisters stepped on stage for their blind audition, they were understandably very nervous, but when they opened their mouths, it didn’t show at all.

    Their unbelievably beautiful rendition of Italian opera song “Nella Fantasia,” which was made famous by classical superstar Sarah Brightman, is guaranteed to give you goosebumps…just like it did to the judges!

  • This Mom Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime. Her Reaction? PRICELESS!

    This Mom Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime. Her Reaction? PRICELESS!


    There’s nothing sweeter than a surprise homecoming. When you see a loved one’s priceless reaction, it makes the moment even more special and can bring even the biggest tough guys to tears.

    Well, in this next video, Harry McGurk returned home after backpacking across the world for two years, and decided to surprise his mom. With his friend filming his unexpected return on camera, he casually walks into the house and says, “Mom. My keys still work.”

    His mom falls to the ground and screams. She can’t believe her eyes! She thought her son was going to be away for several more years and never expected he’d be walking through her front door. Her priceless reaction says it all.

    She wipes away tears of joy and is speechless. Then, she jumps up for a hug and refuses to let go of her son. It’s so amazing. This is one surprise homecoming you won’t want to miss!

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  • He Puts Boiling Water In A Water Gun. Why? I’m Trying This Tonight!

    He Puts Boiling Water In A Water Gun. Why? I’m Trying This Tonight!


    Many parts of the world are caught in the middle of winter right now and can definitely feel the effects of the bitter cold!

    While some folks only want to hide inside in their warm homes, others succumb to cabin fever and can’t wait to have some fun outside…no matter how painful the cold is!

    The people who created this next video, on the other hand, decided to put some real thought into their cold weather fun. What they did here is truly genius and had me wondering…why didn’t I think of this?!

    Have you ever wondered what happens to boiling water in freezing cold temperatures? These guys put it to the test, but decided to do it safely by putting the boiling water inside a water gun to see what would happen.

    When they squirted the gun off their porch in Northern Ontario, Canada, where the temperature was a deadly -42 degrees, the boiling water instantly freezes, creating pure magic in the air.

  • Dad Refused To Give Speech At His Daughter’s Wedding And Did THIS Instead…OMG

    Dad Refused To Give Speech At His Daughter’s Wedding And Did THIS Instead…OMG


    From the moment he walks her down the aisle to the tears that may fall during the father-daughter dance, dear old Dad is a very important part of a woman’s wedding day.

    It’s never easy for a Dad or a woman’s father figure to give away his “little girl” to the man she loves, but it’s such an extraordinary gesture that means the world to both of you. One Dad wasn’t sure how to tell his daughter how much she meant to him on her special day, so he decided to do something extra special to let her know he will always love her.

    Nicole Cortez posted the following video on YouTube of her father signing the song “I Loved Her First” by the band Heartland. Although Cortez is not deaf, she is a sign language interpreter and was surprised and delighted that her Dad learned to sign for this amazing tribute.

    Cortez said on YouTube “This meant the world to me. He said it took him the entire year I was engaged to learn how to sign this song.” He did a great job and you could see how it even moved him to tears to perform it for his daughter.

    Watch until the end so you don’t miss the very BEST part… Dad signing “I’m watching you” to his new son-in-law!

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  • He Puts A Boiled Egg In A Glass Of Water. The Result? I Had NO Idea!

    He Puts A Boiled Egg In A Glass Of Water. The Result? I Had NO Idea!


    Eggs are a staple in so many kitchens, so it makes sense that the internet is full of clever egg “hacks” designed to make your life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

    Now, say goodbye to sticky eggshell fingers! In this new video now going viral, Micah will teach you how to peel a completely boiled egg in a glass of water. Looks like we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time!

    It takes less than 3 seconds of shaking in about a half inch of water and your egg should be de-peeled just like that! Just make sure the egg is completely boiled before trying this.

    So quick, so simple — yet so awesome! I’m definitely using this trick the next time I make my famous egg salad sandwich.

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  • He Pours Coke Into His Ice Cream. The Results? Delicious!

    He Pours Coke Into His Ice Cream. The Results? Delicious!


    Everybody loves a good food hack. YouTube has made not only getting new recipes a breeze, but also made it possible to actually watch (and cook along) as both amateur and professional chefs make the super yummiest treats. This just proves, once again, that the internet is awesome.

    Thanks to popular YouTube chef Nicko’s Kitchen, for instance, we now have a way to make ice cream even more delicious. As if that were even possible, right?

    In this video, we watch as Nicko takes us through a great ice cream recipe that he actually incorporates Coca-Cola into. It’s super easy and seems to be really tasty as well.

    Nicko begins by pouring cream, milk, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean paste into a large bowl before adding in a cup of Coca-Cola. He stirs up the ingredients to give them a gentle mix before pouring it all into a pre-frozen container that will go into his ice cream maker.

    If you have an ice cream maker, you’ll just need to turn it on to churn, let it set and you’re good to go. But don’t fret if you don’t have an ice cream machine. Nicko gives you a very simple solution to making the Coca-Cola Ice Cream without needing to have a special piece of equipment.

    I don’t know about you, but we’re definitely trying this next time we make some ice cream. It looks really yummy and with the addition of the soda to the mix, there’s no need for additional sugar.

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  • He Starts Singing Their Favorite Song. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction…

    He Starts Singing Their Favorite Song. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction…


    Get ready for cuteness overload! In the music video for the new Cary Brothers single, “Lovin’ On You,” the band unleashes 22 puppies, and the result is adorable.

    The upbeat song is sure to put you in an amazing mood. The video tells the story of a guy who just got dumped. All he’s left with is his adorable Saint Bernard puppy. It follows the guy’s hilarious misadventures in raising the precious puppy all by himself.

    The duo also shares hundreds of cute moments together, like when he sings, the dog hilariously yawns in the background like he isn’t impressed. Then, after a power nap, the rambunctious dog gets into some funny antics — getting busted for climbing into the kitchen cabinet and getting on daddy’s bed. But, honestly, who could get mad at that cute face?!

    Finally, at 2:26, the puppy invites all his pals over for a party. Instantly, his master is put in the brightest mood, as they run around the house creating a puppy stampede! These pups will instantly put a smile on your face. This will be the best three minutes of your day!

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  • She Touches Her Cat’s Nose. Why? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

    She Touches Her Cat’s Nose. Why? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!


    Animals have some amazing (and quite varied) talents, and putting them on display usually results in a few thousand views on YouTube. If you’re lucky and your pet is super talented or unique in some way, your video might even go viral. But what about those animals with talents you’ve never seen before? Where do they fit in?

    YouTuber Ashley K decided to put this question to the test when she made a quick video to show off her cat’s very unique talent.

    What is it, you ask? Well, let’s just say that her kitty doubles as a light switch.

    In the video, you’ll see as Ashley pets her loving, purring kitty affectionately under the chin, much to the cat’s delight. The room is dark and quiet, but kitty seems to be loving it.

    After a few seconds, Ashley lifts her thumb up from under her cat’s chin and touches its nose. Suddenly, the light in the room brightens. She touches kitty’s nose and the light increases yet again. One more time and the light goes off.

    Amazing! Kitty is clearly a new form of light switch!

    Not so fast, folks. While this is a totally adorable display of electrical conduction in the human (and animal body), Ashley has not wired kitty up to the electrical grid. Her cat’s paw is merely resting on a touch lamp (remember those?) and when Ashley touches her cat’s nose, it’s basically the same as if she were touching the lamp.

    See that? All those years of growing up watching Mr. Wizard paid off!

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  • This Blind Baby Was Found Alone On A Beach. But What They Taught Him? INCREDIBLE!

    This Blind Baby Was Found Alone On A Beach. But What They Taught Him? INCREDIBLE!


    It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to hurt an innocent baby seal, but this is the sad reality for these adorable, lovable ocean animals.

    This is exactly why my heart broke when I heard about Bryce, a seal pup found off the coast of Howard, AK. When the tiny harbor seal was reported to the Alaska SeaLife Center, he was scared and alone. While no baby animal should go through this horror, Bryce was especially brave, as it was determined by veterinarians that the pup was blind.

    Bryce’s rescuers realized he went blind from a strike to the head when he was just a newborn. Now, Bryce is about eight months old and learning to understand the world and work with his handlers through his sense of sound.

    Once Bryce is strong enough, he will be placed in a permanent home with full-time care for his special needs.

    Even though this poor baby had a rough start in life, it’s so amazing to see how far this survivor has come!

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  • She Flies In With Food For Her Baby But You’ve Never Seen ANYTHING This Cool!!

    She Flies In With Food For Her Baby But You’ve Never Seen ANYTHING This Cool!!


    We’ve all probably seen videos of mama birds feeding their young. From the filmstrips and movies we watched in science class as kids to documentaries and nature shows, everyone has a pretty good understanding of how baby birds get their nourishment. But I’m here to tell you that you have never seen a mother bird feeding her baby like this before.

    In this short clip from the film Secret Life of Trees, by nature filmmakers Saturnina and Artur Homan, you will see the most beautiful, mesmerizing moment between a mother hoopoe and its hungry baby. Filmed in super-slow-motion, the mother-baby food exchange becomes one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the hoopoe, it’s an absolutely beautiful bird. Colorful (the hoopoes in this video are orange-brown with black stripes) and graceful with a spiky crown of feathers atop their heads, the hoopoe is found throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. In fact, the hoopoe is actually the national bird of Israel, and it’s just an amazingly cool species.

    Homan’s astonishing video gives us several different angles that show the mother hoopoe swooping in with what appears to be a grasshopper in her beak. Slowing down her flight, she sticks the grasshopper right into her baby’s beak before it’s quickly gobbled up as nourishment for its growing hoopoe body.

    The slow motion aspect is what really turns this video into something special. Just being able to see the hoopoe’s flight in that kind of detail, as it whips its wings back and forth, all while keeping its head perfectly still, is something I’ve never seen before. It’s just breathtaking.

    What an amazing thing to share between mother and baby, and what a cool way to see it all happen.

  • She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!

    She Walked In And Found Her Pets Doing THIS! I’m Cracking Up!


    Despite the old adage of “fighting like cats and dogs,” many dogs learn to live peacefully with cats. The following video is further proof that inter-species friendships are just the best.

    One family adopted three baby kittens and were a little nervous about introducing them to the older dog, as he’d been the only pet in the house. Well, it’s safe to say, this pup is so happy to have some new pals.

    In the video, their owner found the pets all sleeping on the couch, hilariously lounging on their backs. The kittens followed after the dog and mimicked his pose. How funny! This patient pup is so calm around the new kittens. He lets them snuggle up and stay warm. He barely even moves — looking more like a stuffed animal than a real dog.

    Watching these pets get along melts my heart. I seriously can’t help but smile for the entire two-minute clip. I just want to snuggle and cuddle with these adorable babies. They must all be so grateful for all the fun they’re having in their new home. How precious are these fur balls?!

  • She Sticks Out Her Tongue For The Camera. What Her Boxer Does Next Will Have You In Stitches!

    She Sticks Out Her Tongue For The Camera. What Her Boxer Does Next Will Have You In Stitches!


    If you believe in the credo “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then the woman in this next video should be extremely flattered.

    With her adorable boxer by her side, the woman looks ahead at the camera and quickly sticks out her tongue before it retracts into her mouth. Surprisingly, the boxer decides to do the exact same thing.

    Is this just a fluke, or is her boxer actually imitating her?

    So the woman decides to stick out her tongue again. The boxer does the exact same thing.

    Again? Same response! It’s amazing.

    At one point, in utter disbelief, she actually turns to the side, laughs, and mumbles, “What are you doing?” to her pooch. Ha!

    Back to sticking out her tongue, the dog continues to repeat her every movement. It’s totally adorable and really funny.

    Now, I have to assume she has the front-facing camera on so that she and the dog can see themselves (like a mirror) so the dog knows exactly what she’s doing, but this is still pretty astonishing.

    That is one clever doggy, which makes for a very fun video.

  • He Rolls Beef And Cheese Into Bacon. The Result? I Can’t Stop DROOLING!

    He Rolls Beef And Cheese Into Bacon. The Result? I Can’t Stop DROOLING!


    Humans were bestowed with many earthly delights — like fire, the wheel, and bacon.

    Bacon is delicious and, despite popular belief, it is also nutritious…for our souls. What would we be as a people without bacon? I’ll tell you — hungry. Or hangry. The result of being both hungry and angry, because without the existence of bacon we’d have a pit of intangible sorrows bubbling deep within our beings, because although we can’t explain why, life just feels void of true flavor. And goodness. And, let’s face it, true happiness.

    Bacon is the BFF of eggs and pancakes, it belongs wrapped around any fig, and whoever decided to start using bacon as a garnish on cupcakes is a genius. Sweet and porky? Oink, oink, baby. Give me a piece of that!

    Despite all of the aforementioned brilliant bacon combinations I described, the bacon invention, or rather bacon-vention, shown in the video below is simply astounding. I was salivating about a minute into this video. I mean bacon, beef, cheese, and barbecue sauce? Hello, Heaven? You cannot have your main dish back. Not now. Not when us mere mortals have finally discovered it.

    Watch the video below and try this simple, delicious recipe, which is sure to be the piggy emperor of any potluck.

    Please SHARE it with everyone you know, because hey, if you do, maybe everyone will bring it to your next party — and who doesn’t want endless amounts of this scrumptious treat?

  • She Rolls Newspaper Into Tight Tubes And Glues Them In A Pattern. Why? Genius!

    She Rolls Newspaper Into Tight Tubes And Glues Them In A Pattern. Why? Genius!


    Who would have thought that regular old newspaper could be so useful in so many different ways? Simple newspaper print is great for combining with window cleaner to get a streak-free shine on your windows. It’s awesome for putting into soaking-wet cleats after your kiddo’s soccer practice — it’ll dry them right out. But what else is this seemingly magical paper good for (other than reading, of course)?

    In this video by YouTuber IdunnGoddess, you’ll see another cool use of newspaper that definitely falls into the category of “I didn’t know you could do that!”

    By using just regular pages of newspaper print, the cut packaging of a candy box, some glue, and a long wooden stick (something like a skewer would probably work), IdunnGoddess transforms all these ingredients into a beautiful basket that you can use to hold just about anything.

    The process does seem a bit time-consuming (and probably requires a little bit of practice), so make sure you watch the video all the way through before trying this one on your own.

    Basically, you’ll use the wooden stick to help roll very tight rolls of newspaper before glueing them right at the end so they stay rolled. Then you’ll glue an odd number of newspaper rolls onto the cut circle of the candy packaging. Next, apply glue to the top of the rolls and place on the other candy packaging, and leave this weighted down to dry.

    After that, it’s really just a matter of doing the actual over-under-over-under basket weaving that you’re likely familiar with already. IdunnGoddess will guide you through how to finish off the basket with some glue.

    Finally, you can either leave the newspaper basket the way it is (to show off your DIY skills), or you can even paint it to be a bit more decorative. Either way, you’ve got yourself a fun new basket to hold your mail or any other little items you have around the house.

  • She Asks Her Daughter Why She’s So Grumpy. The Girl’s Response? Priceless!

    She Asks Her Daughter Why She’s So Grumpy. The Girl’s Response? Priceless!


    Parents sometimes forget just how difficult it is being a child. Sure, the kids are in school all day having fun, but they’re also learning — and learning is hard. Just because they’re learning things that most parents already know (thanks to learning them in school when they were young), that doesn’t mean children aren’t stressed, frustrated, and overworked. School is hard work.

    If anyone knows this, it’s certainly the adorably grumpy first-grader in the below video. After picking her daughter up from school and realizing that she’s a bit on the grumpy side, this mother decides to turn on her camera and record the conversation she has with her little girl.

    “You know how hard it is to be in first grade,” the little girl asks. “And how big it is to do stuff?”

    “No,” replies Mom.

    “It is hard!” says the girl. “And I get grumpy.”

    The mom, surprisingly, doesn’t laugh. She tries to make it a teachable moment, but really this is all about this super cute kid just being overwhelmed, grumpy, and tired from a long day at school.

    “I’m grumpier than you,” she says as she lays her head down on the passenger’s side door.

    I totally feel your pain, Grumpy First Grade Girl. Get some rest and make sure you’re nice to Mommy!

  • He Goes On A Blind Date With A Beautiful Woman But He Did Not Expect THIS To Happen…

    He Goes On A Blind Date With A Beautiful Woman But He Did Not Expect THIS To Happen…


    With Valentine’s Day now in the rear-view mirror (pun totally intended), those of you who aren’t in a relationship may now be back on the hunt to find your soulmate. That means dating and blind dating and lots of awkward conversations until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

    The folks at Ford thought it might be fun to celebrate this time of year by rigging one of their brand new 2015 Ford Mustangs with a bunch of hidden cameras and sending unsuspecting fellas on blind dates with a beautiful professional stunt driver. The resulting videos are absolutely fantastic.

    As the video begins, you get a look at the Ford team outfitting the gorgeous red Mustang with all the hidden cameras as their professional stunt driver takes a seat in a coffee shop.

    The unsuspecting guys walk in (one at a time, of course), find their date, and they share a little small talk before she suggests they get out of there, inviting the guys to ride along with her.

    When they go outside, most of the guys remark about how gorgeous the new car is and they settle into their seats with her behind the wheel.

    “I don’t really know how to drive a stick,” she tells her date, laughing because she knows something very important that they don’t.

    “Do you want me to drive it?” one of them asks while another says, “Let me drive it. I’ll show you what this thing can do.”

    At this point, we’re laughing along because these guys (who clearly think they can “teach” this butt-kicking female a thing or two) are about to get the surprise of their lives.

    She heads off and soon pulls into an abandoned lot where she says she has to “turn around,” but before they even know what hit them, the driver floors it, sending the car racing across the lot.

    The guys are, of course, surprised, but their reactions are so great, ranging from complete fear to absolute shock to downright excitement.

    The beautiful stunt driver sends the car into donuts, whipping it around the lot and giving the guys the rides of their lives. It’s hilarious.

    Soon, she stops the car and breaks the news to them that she’s a professional stunt driver. They exit the vehicle and are greeted by Ford’s camera crew.

    One of them even says, “That was the best first date ever.” Ha!

    It’s a clever stunt that has already racked up nearly 8 million views on YouTube, but it’s also a great, subversive look at how one really awesome woman put these guys in their place. They all thought they had something to “teach” her, but she sure showed them who’s boss. I love it!

  • This Dog Sees A Hammock Hanging Across The Room. What He Does? Brilliant!

    This Dog Sees A Hammock Hanging Across The Room. What He Does? Brilliant!


    With all this snow surrounding me, it’s a bit difficult to think about the warm breezes of spring and summer blowing through my hair, but I’m trying my best. I can’t wait until the snow is gone and I can head out to the backyard with a good book and relax in the hammock.

    According to Wikipedia, the use of hammocks dates all the way back to the Native Americans in the 1600s. It’s unsurprising that, in the past few centuries, the design of this ultimate relaxation device hasn’t changed much at all. It works perfectly the way it is and, once you figure out how to get into one without falling out, the hammock is one of the most comfortable ways to catch a few Zs while enjoying the weather outside.

    If you ask the cute pooch in the below video, he would surely agree. As he wanders into a room, he sees a green sling hanging across it. The black dog starts to sniff and push his nose into the sling, realizing that it’s actually a hammock.

    Now, this dog clearly needs a good ciesta, so he does what any super chill dog would do: He climbs into the hammock like he’s a pro and curls up for a quick nap, even dropping his chin onto the side of the thing for some added leverage.

    It’s adorable, but it’s also a great testament to just how clever some dogs are. This guy looks like he’s done this a hundred times before. He’s just so smooth!

    Way to go, pooch. Enjoy your nap.

  • She Sees Her Baby Kitten Struck On An Embankment. What She Does? AMAZING!!

    She Sees Her Baby Kitten Struck On An Embankment. What She Does? AMAZING!!


    If you’re a parent, you already know how protective you can be of your children. No matter what the situation is, you’ll do anything to help your child get out of a jam. Parents have risked life and limb to save their babies, and the same goes for mothers and fathers in the animal kingdom. It’s an amazing thing to see when that parental instinct comes shining through in a dire situation.

    Take the below video, for example. The mother’s instinct to protect her young is on full display in what is one of the most heartwarming videos we’ve seen in a while.

    In the video, you can see a a black-and-white mother cat standing atop a very steep embankment that’s covered in what appears to be sharp, hard rocks. If you slide your eye down just a bit, you’ll see her beautiful white kitten standing on the embankment below her.

    Unfortunately, the tiny kitten is stranded and unable to make the leap it needs to get up to safety with its mother. Try as it might to scratch, claw, and jump to safety, the kitten just can’t make it up.

    The mother cat is clearly worried about her baby the entire time. She’s pacing back and forth and trying to reach her paws over the edge to her kitten without falling down the embankment herself. It’s a heart-wrenching thing to watch in action.

    Near the end of the video, the white kitty takes one more faithful leap to get up onto flat ground, but it all goes wrong as it loses its footing and goes tumbling down the embankment, rolling over the hard, sharp rocks before resting at the bottom.

    This is when Mommy’s parental instinct really kicks in. No more reaching over the edge for her kitten; this time she just jumps right in. Mommy cat leaps onto the rocky embankment and runs down to her baby. She checks it out quickly before grabbing the kitty by the scruff of its neck, and carrying it in her teeth up the embankment.

    Still holding the kitty in her teeth, the mother cat rears back and takes one big leap, which is just enough for her to reach the flat land above the embankment. She drops the kitty and both Mommy and her baby are both safe.

    Phew! I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the mother cat make it up to flat land with her kitty. What an amazing, touching video that shows just how deeply parents care for their babies.

    Please SHARE this heartwarming video with all your friends and family!!

  • Disrespectful Son Screams At Mom, But Seconds Later? Truly Awful…

    Disrespectful Son Screams At Mom, But Seconds Later? Truly Awful…


    Be it verbal, mental or physical, domestic abuse leaves crippling effects in all facets of life. The following clip you’re about to see is from Dr. Phil’s segment called “Brat Camp.” He invited four families with parents struggling to take control over their child, and failing to create a peaceful household. One of those families was Wendy and her 12-year-old son, Noah.

    After settling into their room assignment, Wendy and Noah begin an exercise. They must sit face-to-face and share each other’s upsetting behaviors. Noah accuses Wendy of hitting him on the plane ride to L.A., and an argument ensues. Noah tells his mother to “shut up” and then slaps her across the face. Wendy is stunned. I couldn’t believe it, either.

    Accusations fly on both sides, and it’s clear there was a lot of disrespect in this household. In the final update, the show reported that Wendy and Noah made improvements since the experiment, and now work together to communicate in a much healthier matter. Wendy says she’s taken back control of the house and is a genuine mom again to Noah.

    Though there may be more to this story that viewers don’t see, nonetheless, I’m so glad to see that they are getting professional help!

  • It Looks Like He’s Making Normal Pancakes, But When He Flips Them Over? AWESOME!

    It Looks Like He’s Making Normal Pancakes, But When He Flips Them Over? AWESOME!


    Kids can be picky eaters, so as a parent, you sometimes have to get a little creative when it comes to mealtime. If you’re looking to add a little fun to breakfast, Mickey Mouse pancakes are a surefire way to put a smile on any Disney fan’s face, young or old.

    YouTube user DaveHax gives a simple recipe and tutorial on how to make these fun pancakes. You only need a few ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinet:

    200g Self raising flour
    300ml Milk
    1 Egg
    1 Tbsp Sugar
    1 tsp Baking powder
    A pinch of salt
    In the video, he puts the pancake batter in a squeeze bottle to make pancakes in various shapes. To add an extra sweet twist, he mixes chocolate to one part of the batter. It’s awesome to see how quick and easy this is to make, and it’s great to do with children. Breakfast will never be the same after you surprise them with this awesome treat.

  • Baby Left Me In Stitches When She’s Caught Dancing To Her Favorite Song

    Baby Left Me In Stitches When She’s Caught Dancing To Her Favorite Song


    This adorable baby girl shows off her best dance moves after the music video of her favorite song, Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies,” came on TV. And to top it all off, she steps into Mom’s black high heels and doesn’t skip a beat! I’m sure this ain’t the first time she’s broken out with her enthusiastic foot-tappin’. I just love when babies dance to their favorite songs!!

    The wiggles… The shakes… It’s too cute to handle! I’ve never seen a kid this young shake it quite like that before… she must have music in her blood!

    She dances better in heels than I do! Simply priceless.

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  • She Puts Ice Cubes In The Dryer. The Reason? Laundry Is SOLVED Forever!

    She Puts Ice Cubes In The Dryer. The Reason? Laundry Is SOLVED Forever!


    We all like to look good, but some beautifying tasks take longer than others. Making sure our clothes are nice and wrinkle-free is one of those tasks.

    Most of the time we’re forced to break out the iron and ironing board, unless we want to shell out the money to have cleaners to care of our clothes. Even if your clothes are nice and smooth at the start of the day, chances are they’ll eventually become wrinkled at some point later on. So what do you do then? Do you really want to iron your shirt a second time? Do you change? It seems like a small thing, but for those of us who have to dress up for work or other reasons during the week, wrinkles can be more than annoying.

    Thank goodness Kari Byron from YouTube’s Everyday Genius has an amazingly simple solution for getting your wrinkles out quick. All she does is set the dryer to the hottest setting, throws in the wrinkled item with three ice cubes, and runs the dryer for 15 minutes. That’s it! The steam from the melting ice gets the winkles out easily and quickly. No fuss, no muss!

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  • This Amazing Footage Puts YOU In The Saddle! WOW!

    This Amazing Footage Puts YOU In The Saddle! WOW!


    Riding a horse has always been on the top of my “bucket list.” The wind in your hair, the landscape rushing by, and the beautiful animal charging forward beneath you… It seems like a stunning experience!

    That’s why this video is so amazing. Without ever sitting atop a horse, you can experience the next best thing — from the comfort of your couch, no less! This incredible footage truly makes you feel like you’re riding right along, leaping over the hurdles, charging through the water, and dashing across the green field. A few moments were so “real” they nearly took my breath away!

    But horseback riding is not without danger, as you’ll soon see. It takes a lot of control, confidence, and bravery to guide such a magnificent animal. The shock in this footage is brief, but very real. But for most, it seems that the danger of horseback riding does not outweigh their passion for it. Nothing wonderful is without risk, right?

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  • She Starts With These Two Cakes, But The End Result? Mind Blowing!!

    She Starts With These Two Cakes, But The End Result? Mind Blowing!!


    Ah, Valentine’s Day… That one day of the year that everybody loves, right? It’s just filled with hearts and roses and unicorns and happiness everywhere! Wait, what’s that? Oh, right… the people that aren’t in relationships don’t really like Valentine’s Day that much? Hmm… So maybe not everybody loves Valentine’s Day quite as much as those people in the heart-filled embrace of another, but that’s okay. We can all celebrate the day with yummy goodness!

    In this great video tutorial by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, the YouTube food genius demonstrates how to make a beautiful heart-shaped cake topped with scrumptious roses without the need for a special cake mold. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but it also looks downright delicious!

    To make the heart-shaped cake, you only need a few ingredients to get started. You’ll need to pre-make two cakes: one 8-inch round cake and one 8-inch square cake. You’ll also need some white buttercream, two pounds of fresh strawberries, and a piping bag with specific tips.

    Next, you’re going to set your square cake on your cake board or plate and then you’ll cut your round cake into two equal halves. Take one half and place it on the side of the square cake and the other half on the adjacent side to create your square shape. Easy peasy!

    Then all you have to do is cover your cake in buttercream and smooth it out so that the entire layer is even. Pop it in the freezer to set for 15 minutes. When you take it out, you’ll use your piping bag to add the side and edge decorations (watch the video for the exact technique).

    Once the decorations are done, make sure you’ve washed your strawberries, cut the tops off, and dried them thoroughly. Then, you’ll just fill the top of the cake with the strawberries, placing the stem side down so they’re pointing up.

    And that’s it, folks! You now have yourself a beautiful and delicious heart-shaped cake (made with no special mold or pan) to give to the love of your life!

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  • She Dips Her Nails Into Rubbing Alcohol. The Result? BEAUTIFUL!

    She Dips Her Nails Into Rubbing Alcohol. The Result? BEAUTIFUL!


    Nail art has come a long way since the days of simply brushing on some basic nail polish color and changing it every few days. These days, designs can range from that very simple technique to the most intricately detailed designs applied with incredibly sophisticated tools. There are so many different ways to beautify your nails that figuring out just what you want to do can sometimes be overwhelming.

    In the below video, however, from YouTuber cutepolish, there’s a super simple beauty hack that will have your friends checking out your nails and asking, “How did you do that?!”

    All you need to do to get these amazing “newspaper nails” is start by applying a simple base coat that acts as protection for your nails.

    Next, you’re going to paint your nails with a light grey color of nail polish, and then let them dry completely.

    Now for the coolest part: transferring real newspaper print onto your nails! Grab some basic rubbing alcohol that you can get at any drug store or beauty supply store and pour some into a small container. Now just dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds.

    After the 5 seconds is up, take out your finger and press a small piece of newspaper onto your nail for around 15 seconds. Then just peel it off and the ink from the newspaper will remain on your nail!

    Finally, finish off your nails with a top coat that gives the nail a beautiful shine and protects the newspaper transfer from rubbing off.

    That’s it! How easy was that?!

    I could see this technique being a big hit for book lovers and writers. What do you think? Would you try this?

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  • She Was Sick Of Her Mirrors Fogging Up. What She Did? BRILLIANT!

    She Was Sick Of Her Mirrors Fogging Up. What She Did? BRILLIANT!


    We like to think we truly practice what we preach here at D4Life. We’re committed to making your lives better, especially when it comes to the “small things” that make life easier.

    This next video features a hack that I’m actually going to race home and try out for myself. I’m so sick of cleaning mirrors and glass in my home after the steamy shower fogs them up. I can never seem to get those marks to go away for good.

    In this exclusive video from D4Life, you’ll learn a genius life-hack to keep the mirrors in your bathroom fog-free for weeks on end. All you need is some foamy shaving cream and a washcloth or rag. Any brand of shaving cream will do, so you might as well go as cheap as possible.

    Watch how she transforms the glass from foggy to crystal clear in seconds…I couldn’t believe it was so easy!

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  • Dad Starts Singing Her Favorite Song But She’s SO Mad. Why? OMG!

    Dad Starts Singing Her Favorite Song But She’s SO Mad. Why? OMG!


    Young children love repetition. Once they find a movie, a TV show, or a song they like, they will watch (or listen to) that same one over and over and over again (much to their parents’ chagrin) until they get locked in on something new.

    This year’s big thing for kids everywhere was the massive hit Disney movie Frozen and it’s super-catchy soundtrack. Even if you don’t have children (or grandchildren), I would be utterly shocked if you had not heard the song “Let It Go” at least 20 times this past year. It was that ubiquitous in popular culture.

    Well, the entire soundtrack is a major hit with the kids and one of their favorite songs is called “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” It’s adorable and heartbreaking and fun in a way that kids love.

    But what happens when a Dad decides he’s had enough of the Frozen soundtrack for one day and, instead, wants to be silly with his daughter? He decides to sing her favorite song, but purposely sing the wrong words.

    That’s what YouTuber Josh A decided to do and the results? Well, they’re not pretty.

    “Do you want to see a snowman?” he begins.

    The correct words are “Do you want to build a snowman?” in case you were wondering.

    Josh doesn’t even get through the first line before his Frozen-loving daughter in her car seat starts yelling, “No!”

    He continues to sing the song substituting in the wrong words and she gets increasingly angry. It’s kind of torturous, but also pretty silly. I don’t think Josh is doing it with any ill will. He’s just being silly with his kiddo and, while she is angry with him and yelling at him, she’s also clearly laughing and smiling.

    It’s a silly, funny moment between a father and his daughter – one that I have had play out in my own house plenty of times – that she’ll grow up to remember fondly. Or…maybe she’ll grow up to torture Dad in much the same way.

    You know what they say about revenge, right, Josh? Ha!

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  • You’ll Never Guess What This Cutie Pie Is Hiding. HYSTERICAL!

    You’ll Never Guess What This Cutie Pie Is Hiding. HYSTERICAL!


    Every parent knows that having a pet can be really stressful. It’s kind of like having a baby, only fur gets everywhere.

    But what about when you have a pet and a baby? Now that’s just setting yourself up to go crazy, right? wrong! Having a pet is one of the best things you can do for your baby in the long run of life…and this adorable video is proof!

    Here we see a cute-as-can-be little baby girl named Kate. She can’t be more than nine months old, but she’s already on the move and has found a best friend in her parents’ cat.

    When Mom and Dad start filming Kate, she does the sweetest thing ever with their black-and-white cat. They start playing around together, but then Kate can’t stop cuddling her kitty and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll see all week.

    Something tells me these two are going to be the best of friends. Aren’t they adorable?!

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  • She Slices A Potato, But Not All The Way. The Reason? GENIUS!

    She Slices A Potato, But Not All The Way. The Reason? GENIUS!


    Potato lovers are in for a very special treat. Putting a twist on the classic, this latest recipe is a fun change of pace from regular baked potatoes.

    YouTube user Weelicious demonstrates how to make Yukon Gold Potato Fans and shows you just how simple they are to prepare. This is a fun treat for both kids and adults alike. This might be one of the simplest recipes out there; plus, it’s so fun to eat!

    All you need is:

    4 medium Yukon gold potatoes (russet potatoes will also work)
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 tablespoon butter, melted
    1 teaspoon salt
    To prepare:

    Preheat oven to 475° F.
    Cut a thin slice off the bottom of each potato so they lay flat.
    Using a knife make about 20 slices ( ¼-inch deep) lengthwise from end to end across the tops of the potatoes, making sure not to cut all the way through. Leave about a half an inch on the bottom of the potato un-cut.
    Mix the butter and oil in a bowl.
    Place the potatoes on a baking sheet, brush with half of the olive oil/ butter mixture, sprinkle with salt and bake for 30 minutes.
    Brush the potatoes with the remaining oil/butter mixture and cook for an additional 45 minutes or until skin is golden and serve.
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  • Little Boy Asks His Crush To Be His Valentine. Her Response? PRICELESS!

    Little Boy Asks His Crush To Be His Valentine. Her Response? PRICELESS!


    Ahhh, puppy love! Is there anything sweeter?! After seeing this next adorable video, I’m convinced there isn’t – and I’m pretty sure I now have the toothache to prove it!

    Meet Fynnton Gray. This four-year-old proves he is even more dapper than his adorable name in this precious video with his dad, former Travel Channel star and home decor designer, Ken Gray.

    When you’re a five or six-year-old boy, girls are usually gross monsters with cooties who just want to kill you with kisses. But at four? You’re still as sweet as pie, and if you’re like this little man, you already want a girlfriend.

    In this cute clip, Fynnton tells his dad that he wants a little girl named Piper to be his girlfriend. Dad decides to help coach his little man on what to do and their discussion up to the big question is just priceless.

    This video is a little bit on the long side, but believe me, it’s worth watching it until the very end!

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